Tips on Planning a Poker Night with Friends

Now that things are mostly back to normal, there is a great desire to become social again. This can range from going on vacation to hosting a House Party with Friends. If you are looking for a social event that is a little more unique, but can be easily set up, consider planning a poker night. notes how poker is the national card game of the U.S., and its competitive and social aspects make it an ideal way to spend a night with friends. If you are planning on hosting a poker night for your friends, here are a few tips.

Setting Up the Space

Poker is a very versatile game in terms of where it can be played. All you need are playing cards and poker chips, and the game can be played almost anywhere. If you are setting up a dedicated poker night, though, it will pay to make the playing space as comfortable as possible. A large table is ideal as this will give each player enough space to play. If you want this night to become a regular event you can even invest in a poker table. There are foldable models available that won’t take up too much space when in storage. Creative Director of AOO Events David E. Merrell emphasizes the importance of good lighting when hosting a poker night. He notes “If you can’t find a spot that has great overhead lighting, then bring in some floor lamps to put around the perimeter.” The last thing you want is your guests struggling to see their cards. Comfy chairs are also a good investment as poker games can take hours to complete.

Poker Chips

When setting up a poker game particular attention must be paid to the poker chips. Unlike casino chips, most home poker sets don’t have monetary values on their chips. This means the host has to set the values themselves, depending on how much is being played for. A guide to poker chips on outlines how most home games typically start with 25 to 50 chips per person. As a host you need to ensure that there are more than enough chips to go around, especially if you will allow players to buy back in. If you want to add some prestige to your poker party, you can easily do so by investing in quality poker chips. Most poker sets use plastic chips, but for that true casino feel consider investing in composite/clay chips that are heavier.

Points to Consider When Planning a Poker Night

Planning a poker night is pretty straightforward, however there are some extra points that you must take into consideration. The goal of a friendly poker night is to have fun. This is why it is best to keep the buy-in’s low, unless previously agreed. Keeping the buy-ins low will decrease the chance of players taking the game too seriously, which could potentially affect other players’ ability to have a good time. An article on how to ‘Host a Successful Texas Hold’em Poker Party’ also points out that you should check local laws to see whether you are allowed to play for cash. For example, the states of Arkansas and Idaho do not allow social games. It is best to double check your state’s law before hosting a game.

If you are thinking of setting up a poker night for friends, we hope the above tips prove useful.