3 Carport Designs to Consider During Home Improvement Projects

Often, carports are viewed as a luxury for most modern homes. This isn’t the case, though! They are simple yet economical solutions for homeowners who value their rides. Building a garage in your home can be costly, and a carport will protect your vehicle from harsh weather and vandals. What’s more? There are various designs to choose from, and you can always get the best match for your home improvement projects.

Here are the different carport designs:

  1. Flat roof carport

A flat roof carport features a flat roof that’s slightly angled. This enables water to flow with ease during rainy weather. The flat roof carport is cost-effective, and you can set it up on any part of your home as long you have free space. 

But, some flat roofs aren’t angled, allowing snow and ice to accumulate over the roof. And this poses a hazard to things stored under the carport, making it critical to engage professional carport builders. They will help you choose the right roof and also install it as required.

  1. Gable roof carport

Gable roofs are popular designs thanks to their unique blend of style and aesthetics. They feature a triangular shape where the corners bend downwards. Such roofs are the strongest compared to other types. They are ideal for rain or heavily snowy areas and can withstand heavy downpours. 

The gable carport roof comes in two types, these are;

  • Standard gable
  • Dutch gable

The gable carport roof is common since it’s easy and quick to install. What’s more? You don’t require an expert to install this roof type, but it isn’t your basic roof choice for all carports. Nonetheless, a gable roof will shield your vehicles from heat, and rain and you can get it in different materials.

  1. Open-sided carport roof

The open-sided carport roof is easy to install and is less costly. It’s effective against violent storms and will protect your vehicle from sun damage and heavy rain. It’s ideal for temperate climates with minimal deviation in weather conditions. Moreover, it’s aesthetically pleasing and will enhance the look of your outdoor space.

What are the common carport materials?

The common carport materials include wood, steel, and poly. Wooden carports mainly cover the driveway but are also helpful for loading and unloading. Timber carports are costly, but for a good reason. They are beautiful and can easily replicate your home design.

On the other hand, metal carports mostly come in kits and are easy to assemble and durable.

 They also feature solid construction to offer optimal protection to your vehicles. Poly is lightweight and easy to install. It’s used for both semi-permanent and potable car shades. Portable canopies are widely used for yard sales, picnics, and pool covers.

Final thoughts

Carports are a great addition to any home. They protect your vehicles and also raise the value of your property. There are different roofing designs and construction materials to choose from, and it’s advisable to engage a professional carport installer. By so doing, you can be assured of a strong structure and quality materials.