4 Frequently Asked Questions About Marine Collagen

In the past few years, the Australian market has seen growth in demand for collagen-based products. Studies say that Aussies are more focused on health and performance nutrition, due to which the nutraceutical collagen market is forecasted to account for 40.06% of collagen product sales in 2025. If you are trying to keep up with beauty and skincare trends, chances are you have heard about marine collagen in Australia. As people have realised how beneficial these supplements can be for their skin, health, and overall well-being, they have become more popular in the health and wellness world. 

Collagen helps you achieve glowing skin, gives elasticity to your skin, strengthen your joints and bones, improves your gut health, builds up your connective tissues and more. Collagen is formed through the chains of amino acids like glycine and proline. These amino acids are found everywhere, including your bones, joints, tendons, internal organs, and skin. Read on and discover more about this fantastic supplement.

Is marine collagen effective?

Yes, of course. Preclinical studies conducted so far show that consuming marine collagen in a significant amount repairs the skin’s lost collagen and elastin protein fibres, leading to thickening of your epidermis (outer skin surface). Studies found that collagen effectively reduces wrinkles, improving skin hydration and firmness. Moreover, it protects your skin against oxidative damage caused by the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Why is marine collagen good for your skin?

Marine collagen primarily comprises Type 1 collagen, which is abundantly found in your skin. As you age, the production of type 1 collagen in your body decreases, resulting in visible signs of aging (for example, wrinkled and saggy skin). So if you have tried several different skincare products but didn’t get satisfactory results, this means your skin issue is likely to be internal and needs to be addressed through collagen supplements. Marine collagen is widely known to build a foundation for strong and glowing skin, improving the texture and elasticity of your skin and further adding moisture to it.

How long do collagen supplements take to give results?

The moment you start taking the recommended dose of collagen supplements, you look for results. It’s a human tendency! Well, there is no concrete answer to it. It varies from skin to skin and supplement to supplement. Everyone’s body reacts differently to a supplement and depends on the form you are taking. A survey was conducted on 800+ patients showed that taking daily collagen supplements in 2.5g to 10g dosage showed some positive results for skin ageing in about four weeks and that too with no adverse effects. Moreover, after a couple of months, they were able to see noticeable differences in their skin.

Is marine collagen safe?

Almost all know that marine collagen is good for your skin. But still, before trying it, people might wonder if it is safe because it is sourced from underwater, and there are pollutants, mercury and many other toxins in the water. If this is swirling in your head, here’s the answer! Mercury builds up in the fat of the fishes, whiles collagen supplements are made of purified protein. Therefore, there is the least possible risk of mercury contamination in your collagen supplements, and it is safe. 

Hopefully, now that you have gone through the article, you must have gained confidence in incorporating this excellent supplement into your diet. But before you buy marine collagen in Australia, don’t forget to consult your doctor. Discuss your existing health problems with your healthcare professional, find out what effects you can, and then get the premium quality collagen supplement from a recognised supplier.