4 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Fire

In the history of mankind, when we say “Fire” it is something that is part human of progress and civilization. Fire is somewhat tantamount to vital needs of a man like food, water, and air because it sustains us, and most importantly it is essential for our survival. Besides, through the fire, man learns how to fly, the hot air balloon. In terms of land navigation, the old train works and travels from one part to the other through also the help of fire.

On the other hand, aside from the significance of fire as one of the reasons of human prosperity and advancement in a greater view, there are also some facts about fire that we are not familiar with or least expected that it exists for it is quite bizarre to happen and come to be. So, these are the facts about the fire that you might miss to know.

Fire Moves Faster When Uphill

One of the interesting facts about fire is that it moves faster when it occurs uphill. Technically, fire always sustains itself in an upward position. We can observe it just like a man standing and both sides are proportionate and it always follows where the wind blows.

As we observed in a forest fire, it usually moves faster not solely because of the wind blowing but mostly due to its normal upward position which somewhat like a balanced climbing man who is afraid to fall from the vertical terrain. Therefore, this is the primary reason why the fire spread faster on the mountain or hill than on the plain land.

Philosopher’s View About Fire

Heraclitus a Greek Philosopher born 540 BCE in Ephesus, Anatolia and died 480 BCE, according to him “Everything is Fire” meaning everything is changing and there is no nothing in the world that remains the same.

For in time everything changes into something else or all things are bound to its destiny which is the mutable reality just like the season, people, plants, animals, etc. As time passes by there is always something different. As we all know, there are a lot of things that were changed by or through fire.

Fire As Essential Thing

In our daily lives, we could obviously observe the importance of fire primarily in cooking our food. Historically speaking, human civilization progresses more when they discover fire and learn their usefulness which is not limited to cooking meat for daily consumption but also to lighten up the darkness and to see what is there. Fire is also used by our primitive ancestors to protect them from the beast and wild animals.

Fire As A Symbol Of Hell

Hell describes to us as an endless burning fire, a place wherein Satan known as the Prince or they called it “Prince of Fire”. From the Christian perspective, a place where the sinners will be thrown after the Final Judgment and this occurred after death. Fire is vividly seen in satanic symbols, a certain group of people who accordingly praise Satan as their god.


The fire has shaped our history since then which notably started and was discovered by primitive people. As time progresses, we gradually learn the other use of fire which is not solely cooking food but also in different aspects and endeavors of life.

On the other walks of life, through the things we read in the newspaper, heard on the radio or seen on the internet or television we are a little bit fascinated and surprised by the other facts about fire. Thus, we realized that human genius and discovery continue to prosper unknowingly and in such a way beyond our anticipation.