4 Ways a Heavy Blanket Can Benefit Your Health

Weighted blankets are designed to simulate deep touch. That is, once you are under them, you will feel wrapped in a giant and warm hug. It is soft and cozy and instantly releases serotonin in your brain that is crucial for your emotional well-being. It helps to calm down the overworked nervous systems in those diagnosed with ADHD and reduce stress in autistic persons. Besides, there are numerous other health benefits. 

Here are four ways in which a heavy blanket impacts your health positively. 

  • Reduces Anxiety

It is normal to feel anxious or overwhelmed at certain times, but it can lead to immense emotional stress, which could take a toll on one’s body when it starts bordering on a disorder. Anxiety disorders can affect your peace of mind and negatively impact your autonomic nervous system. It can lead to excessive sweating, shivering, indigestion, and trouble with breathing. A Heavy blanket provides a sense of security, much like when you are embraced with a warm hug. It relaxes your senses and helps you calm down. 

  • Helps with Sleep Disorders

For those who have trouble falling asleep or cannot get enough sleep because they keep waking up through the night, heavy blankets can be the answer. These blankets prepare your body for rest by resting your tired muscles and by calming down your nerves. The pressure helps bring down your heartbeat to a steady and restful rhythm and prevents it from overworking. Once you complete your sleep cycle, you wake up feeling refreshed. It increases your productivity throughout the day, and you feel rejuvenated. 

  • Helpful for ADHD 

Those who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder have a difficult time with self-control. They find it difficult to concentrate and sit still, and this overactive nature depletes their energy faster. They also get distracted easily and have difficulty maintaining their focus while they are engaged in a task. 

The heavy blanket that simulates deep touch provides a comforting presence. It can prevent the user from getting distracted and keeps away sensory stimuli that might disturb their rest or agitate them. Since being overactive also causes them to become tired or develop pain in the limbs, the blankets press down on the muscles and bones for a beautiful, massage-like effect. 

  • Helpful for Autism 

People with autism have difficulty with social interactions, and it can make life harder for them when they have to deal with public situations or even at their workplace. A noise, touch, or any other discrepancy in their environment can cause them distress. Heavy blankets can help calm them down. Even if they cannot carry the blanket everywhere and are mostly used at home, they can have them in their car and use them when they feel needed. It can cut off overstimulation and help them relax.

It is of the opinion of many that heavy blankets are very beneficial and help people cope with stress, anxiety, and sleep disorders without having to rely on medications. Be it an adult or a child, everyone can use them, provided the size and weight are in keeping with their physique and body weight. Therapists recommend these blankets, and if you have stress-related issues, you can significantly benefit from them.