5 Durable Variations of Tough Glass     

Are you looking for an ultra-sturdy glass? Regular glass is made from common materials like sand and limestone. However, various kinds of Tough Glass, including laminated glass, undergo special processes to make them stronger. An example of this is tempered glass for basketball backboards. When selecting a hard glass, it is critical to know the different types so you can make the best selection for your home or business.   

Hardened/Toughened Glass

This is often used for various structural applications. It is produced by using processes including convection and conduction to heat the glass to about 1290°F (700°C). A steady blast of air is then used for the cooling process.

The use of different cooling rates on the glass’s exterior and interior results in different properties. Tempered glass can be five times stronger than ordinary or annealed glass.

The process also makes the glass more shatter-resistant. If the glass does break, it usually produces small square fragments rather than large shards, which reduces the chances of injury.

Annealed Glass

It is a basic glass made during a particular step of glass production known as the annealing stage.

The ultra-hot glass cools slowly until it drops to room temperature. It reduces internal stress that is taking place in the material. The cooling is important to prevent the glass from cracking due to small mechanical shocks or temperature changes.

It is important to note that annealed glass can then form a base glass. It can be used as-is or processed into more complex glass varieties.

Laminated Glass

This process can be applied to other varieties of hard glass, like annealed or tempered. A very popular variety includes two sheets of laminated toughened glass.

Laminated glass provides several benefits, including safety and security. It does not shatter during impact, but the “interlayer” keeps it intact. This provides safety benefits, such as avoiding large pieces of shattered glass.

If one glass panel shatters or breaks, it is unlikely that both laminated panels will break at one time. The interlayer can help to support the panel until the broken one is replaced. 

It highlights the importance of selecting laminated glass with an ultra-strong interlayer to effectively hold the two layers together.  

High-Performance Glass

There are different meanings of this type of glass, but it typically refers to glass produced to increase energy efficiency. The average monthly electric bill in the Australian Capital Territory is about $160 (2018-2019), according to Selectra. This glass includes a permanent coating that provides the finished product with more energy efficiency.

The coating is glazed on the glass’s interior side to prevent damage. It can help to retain cool air during the summer and warm air during the winter. It is important to clean the interior side properly to prevent the glass from getting damaged.

Decorative Glass

This is a type of glass art that usually involves a large piece of glass. The piece might be coloured, frosted, or textured, for example. Decorative glass is used for various functions including:

  • Desks
  • Doors
  • Handrails
  • Stairways
  • Tables
  • Walls

In addition, shelves, floors, and furniture made of glass are also known as forms of decorative glass.

When selecting Tough Glass, several options exist including toughened, laminated, and decorative. It is critical to select a company that provides quality glass and customer service, so you get the best results. Make sure to consider factors like manufacturing methods, product lines, and company homepage. This will make the process of shopping for hard glass very easy.