5 Tips to Choose the Best Cricket Shoes for Yourself

Sports hold a great significance in life to keep you healthy and entertained. Cricket is one of the most played sports in the world. Bat, ball, and a wicket are considered to be the most important but when a game is about running, attention has to be paid towards buying the shoes. Because cricketers have to bat, ball and field, all of their tasks are different and require varied types of shoes. So the players must select perfect shoes according to their task so that they could play well on the field. 

Footwear for players is not the same as casual shoes. The best shoes are comfortable, have a grip on the ground, and keep your toe protected. Continue reading to get some tips about buying the Adidas cricket shoes for yourself.

Know the types of cricket shoes and your task

Sports shoes have different outsoles so here are a few from which you can select according to your need.

  • Half spike shoes: this type of shoes have spikes on the front and are preferable for the batsman to run fast.
  • Full spike shoes: bowlers have to run so full spike shoes give them a strong grip on the ground.
  • Rubber studs shoes: these shoes are the best for playing on hard ground as they prevent slipping and maintain grip.
  • Spikes shoes: these are perfect for playing on soft ground because spikes can fit in the ground and provide a better hold. Before buying these, know more about spike shoes on Kookaburra Sports.


When on the field, you don’t want shoes that are too small or too large for your size that will make you uncomfortable while playing. If shoes are small, you will feel a tightened and sore foot which will make it hard to play properly, and too large shoes will make it hard to run as the shoes will keep on slipping from your feet. 

You must select shoes that fit perfectly to the dimensions of your feet. Now you can also purchase a perfectly fit shoe online by the measurements without even trying them on. 

Know your surface

Shoes are made differently according to their needs and one of the most important factors that are considered is the type of surface they have to be worn on. 

  • Synthetic or natural pitch: these are soft grounds where players lose grip and tend to get imbalanced while running so to maintain a hold, shoes with spikes are used.
  • Concrete ground or turf: concrete or turf grounds are even difficult to play on ordinary shoes so special rubber stud soles are made to ensure better grip without getting slipped.


Once investing in cricket shoes, you must expect them to last longer and suffer all the wear and tear on the field as in natural pitches, dirt, and puddles should not affect their quality for a long time.


When buying shoes, you must keep your budget in mind and choose a quality that pays off best against the price you are paying.

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