5 Honest Reasons Why Revolut Is The Best Travel

Those days are gone when you have to queue at the currency exchange while traveling. Now, with the innovation of mobile banking cards, you can travel the world without carrying a large amount of money. Moreover now, you don’t need to accept a substandard exchange rate. 

So, if you are looking for the best travel card this guide will show you that. The best ever travel card in 2021 is none other than Revolut. Since there are so many options available in the market, this product stands out amazingly. In this guide, we will share why this card is better than its competitors and the reasons which make it the best.  

What is Revolut?

First, let’s understand what Revolut is actually and how it works. It is a company that offers banking services at incredibly low rates. Revolut provides a wide range of banking and money transfer services like a bank account, bank card, an IBAN, and a secure place to store money. 

There are no branches of Revolut where you can walk into and get services. The Revolut mobile app is here to manage everything. You should download the app from the app store or play store. After creating a revolut account, you can choose the service you want from Revolut.  

You can select services like a current account, money transfer, or an international card. After that, by deciding the currencies you can exchange money. The Revolut mobile app allows you to transfer money to your beneficiaries. It will convert the money and send it to the recipient. 

5 Honest Reasons Why Revolut Is The Best Travel Card In 2021

Now let’s get straight to the point of why Revolut is the best travel card. Here are the 5 reasons why it stands out differently from its competitors. 

1. Free Travel Card Without Any Hidden Fees

You will get a free card with the standard pricing plan of Revolut. It is not the only mobile bank that offers such free stuff. But the thing is you will get much more value with Revolut absolutely free. These are-

  • Free bank account in the US or UK. 
  • Free Euro IBAN bank account
  • Spend abroad in over 150 currencies with the interbank exchange rate. 
  • Transfer money abroad in 30+ currencies. 

So, why should you pay the bank fees when with Revolut you will never have to pay any bank fees again. 

2. The Best Exchange Rate With Zero Commission

It’s obvious when you travel abroad you will require foreign currency. Now Revolut can help you exchange currencies using its app. The best thing is it uses the real-time interbank exchange rate without any commission. The interbank exchange rate is the rate that banks usually use to exchange or swap currencies. This rate constantly changes in the Revolut app as it’s the real-time rate. 

So, you can simply exchange currency from the app while requiring foreign currency at the best rate. Keep in mind one thing, outside working hours Revolut charges fixed rates and adds a mark-up. 

Here is a pro tip for you. To get the best rate you should only exchange currencies on weekdays. Which are Monday to Friday UTC also make sure the working hours (8 am to 5 pm). If you exchange currencies on weekends you will have to pay the fixed rate and mark-up as well.   

3. Free ATM Withdrawals Worldwide

The best feature of Revolut is its travel card offers free ATM cash withdrawals. You can withdraw up to the equivalent of £200 per month. If you are living in Europe the rate would be €200 and for the USA $300. So, within this ATM limit, you have the access to withdraw your money absolutely free worldwide. 

To stay on top of your limit you can use the Revolut app to monitor the monthly ATM withdrawal limit balance. 

Some cash machine operators charge extra withdrawal fees. With the help of the Revolut app, you can also monitor this thing. These types of charges will appear on your mobile screen before you accept. Isn’t it great? 

Here is another great thing. You can also check the list of ATMs by the Revolut community that doesn’t charge any fees. In this way, you can save a ton of money while traveling.   

4. Allows Spending in Over 140 Currencies

If you love to travel the whole world, don’t worry, Revolut has your back. Revolut’s travel card covers almost all places on earth where you can use this card. You can make payments over 140 currencies in almost any place where Visa and Mastercard are accepted. 

Well, if you can’t hold the currency then always pay in USD. It is the most traded currency that ensures the best conversion rate.    

5. Money Is 100% Secure With the Revolut App

Revolut app is your bank and just because of that you will experience better card security than others. Whenever you make any payment or transaction with your card you will get a notification instantly. You will also have full control over all your cards, adjust the limits, freeze it, and even change the pin.  

To ensure extra security you should use the Revolut virtual card. It will make sure safe payment of your travel adventure. The most convenient thing is it will allow you to freeze it as soon as you have completed the transaction. 

Some Other Best Things of Revolut Travel Card

Revolut offers way more benefits and here they are-

  • To resolve any type of issue they provide 24/7 customer support.
  • Revolut’s paid plans offer insurance, transfer money abroad, invest in shares, buy cryptocurrency, and many more.  
  • For doing financial transactions from home it can be a digital friendlier account as well. 
  • Enhanced 90-days return window.
  • Allow you to grow savings with daily interests. 

Final Verdict

For traveling, using an account like Revolut will be an ideal choice. The main reason is this card is free from any type of fee. This thing lets you withdraw money in any currency without costing a penny. 

Revolut is a digital banking alternative that is suitable for both businesses and individuals. Here, we have shown all the reasons why Revolut is the best travel card in 2021. Hopefully, it will help you to know about Revolut in a better way.