Reverse Image search on Google to Find Visual Information

Reverse Image Search is the ability to find results images or results related to an image with the help of an image instead of keywords. The traditional finding of images on the web is known as image search. 

Still, when it comes to getting details about an image you already have in your hand, you have to reverse image search. The concept of reverse image searching is not new. It has been in practice for the last twenty years or so. It was first introduced by Tin eye and later on was developed and launched by multiple search engines and websites. 

Google has been providing reverse image search services for the last fifteen years. Today you can easily make a reverse image search on Google on any of your devices. 

This post will tell you how to access and make a reverse image search on Google with third-party tools on your desktop. After that, we would also let you know about the information you can find with reverse searching.

Reverse Image Search on Desktops 

If you have never heard of making a reverse image search on Google using third-party tools, you should know that it is simply a breeze. You don’t need to learn anything to make a reverse image search with an online utility. Even a kid can reverse search on an image after reading the working steps of a third-party reverse search tool that we have listed below for you. 

Basically, all third party reverse picture search tools work on the same pattern so let us tell you about a popular and reliable choice!

Reverse Image Search by

  1. First of all, open Reverse Image Search of on your browser.
  2. From there, you can search “reverse image search by”
  3. The website tool would open up and you can go through its interface from top to bottom.
  4. In the reverse search tool, you are going to see the different input options that can be used for inputting images.
  5. You can also enter the image URL in the designated box if you want to make a search by an online image.
  6. The image search tool by also allows you to make a search on the basis of keywords
  7. After entering the image input data, you have to hit the search button.
  8. The tool would get you reverse information about the image in less than seconds. 

This is how easy it is to make a reverse image search on Google with a third party tool. Now the reason why these image search tools are famous is that they are free, easy to access, simple & straightforward and are very much secure. These tools also collaborate with multiple search engines so you can get desired results from your favourite sources including Google!

Google reverse image search on a smartphone

You can also use the third-party tools on your smartphones for free. But if you want to know about a simpler way then you should know that “Google image search” works on mobile devices but on a limited basis. 

If you want to do a reverse search on your mobile with Google, we suggest you follow these steps.

  • If you use the default browser of your phone, you will not see the camera icon in the search bar even if you move to the image extension. To make a RIS on your mobile using Google, you have to download Chrome or Firefox from the respective application store of your device.
  • After downloading the browser, you have first to change its view to the desktop site. This can easily be done from the basic settings list of the browser. 
  • As soon as you change the look, you would see the option which says ‘images’ right next to ‘ALL.’
  • Use this option to get to the image extension of Google.
  • Now you would see the camera icon.
  • You can use the camera icon to upload the image from your local gallery. The browser would ask your permission to access your local gallery. After enabling it, you can upload the image on which you want to make a reverse search. You can also search for image URLs.
  • After completing the input, you have to hit GO.
  • The search engine would get you facts and information in less than seconds.

In this way, you can make a reverse image search on Google on either of your devices. Now let us mention some of the uses of this search technique.

Information that you can find with reverse image search!

Here are some of the common things that you can find when you make a reverse search on images:

  • The most common thing that you can find is similar images that are already indexed on the web.
  • You can find relevant images and web content.
  • You can find out the details of objects on an image.
  • You can find out about people, places, and other subjects of the image.
  • You can find the origin of the image that you have.
  • You can know about the copyrights of the image
  • You can also find image plagiarism.
  • You can detect fake accounts.
  • You can create backlink opportunities.

There are many other things and information to get about an image if you do a reverse search on Google or through Google. But you must know that Google tends to save your image inputs in its database if you are directly making a search on the search engine. 

If you don’t want your contents to be saved and want to protect your privacy while making a reverse search, then you should go for third party reverse image search tools like the one by that are also indexed on Google!


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