5 Reasons We Still Love an Open Floor Plan

When it comes to home design, the appeal of an open floor plan is virtually timeless. Families enjoy not feeling boxed-in, and they appreciate the flow that is created around their home when they can move comfortably from one space to another. Here are five reasons why it’s still so easy to fall in love with an open-plan home.

They Feel More Comfortable

While it’s a fact that having fewer walls increases your home’s useable square footage, it’s really the sense of feeling unconfined that makes houses with open plans feel larger. When rooms aren’t boxed in by walls, dwellings often seem more spacious and less cramped. The comfort factor is ramped up by the fact that fewer barriers in your home can make it appear less disorganized, and families often feel more connected to one another in an open home.

Their Kitchens Become Hubs

While it may be a cliché, for most families the kitchen is almost always the heart of their home. With an open floor plan, it’s easier to spend time together in this central space, whether family members are cooking, doing homework, or just chatting about their days. If your room feels closed off and disconnected from other areas of your home, then get some Los Angeles kitchen remodel guidance from an expert who can help you open up this social space.

They Can Be More Energy Efficient

While it may seem counterintuitive, most open floor plan homes consume less energy than boxy houses. In general, the improved flow found in open homes makes them easier to heat and cool than houses with closed-off rooms. Modern HVAC systems require less energy to maintain consistent temperatures when air circulates. It’s also common for natural light to reach more areas when a home has an open floor plan, reducing the need for costly artificial light.

They Encourage Indoor/Outdoor Living

When homes are designed with open interiors, they typically connect seamlessly to the outdoors as well. The natural lighting provided by French doors and sliders gives everyone in the home easy access to the backyard, making it easy to enjoy time outside. A Santa Monica interior design firm can help you maximize your family’s ease of movement from indoors to outdoors.

They Typically Increase in Value

Although you may not be focused on resale value when you design your home, it’s important to keep in mind what will be desirable to buyers in the future. In general, houses with open floor plans are appealing to a broad range of people, as the layout is looked upon as fresher and more modern than a closed plan. Making wise choices now can be a boon when it’s time to sell.

Designing your dwelling with an open layout can make for more comfortable living, and it can also improve your energy efficiency and increase your home’s value down the road. If you’d like to update your boxy house, get in touch with a firm that specializes in kitchen remodeling Pacific Palisades to help you create an openness that begins in the heart of your home.