10 Easy & Impressive Online Video Maker for Your Business

The average internet user of today is much busier than someone in the past and does not have the time or patience to read through long pages of textual information and would rather go for watching a video. That is why businesses have resorted to the use of video to increase their digital traffic and boost their sales. The use of video allows businesses to build trust and engage the audience in a meaningful way.

However, in today’s competitive world, merely creating video content will not suffice. Brands need to ensure that their video content is attractive. Here are ten tools that will help your brand come up with engaging video content.

1. InVideo

InVideo is the perfect video editing tool for brands who want to pick a quick template and complete the process of video editing in a few minutes. There are over 5000 video templates, and you can choose one depending on the type of content. For example, InVideo has dedicated video templates for intro videos, meme videos, etc.

InVideo has one of the biggest media libraries and allows you to add music, GIFs, stickers, and other innovative content to your video files. You can choose from a wide range of special effects to make your video content stand out in the crowded space of digital media.

2. Promo

Promo is one of the best online video editing tools and lets you create ads for your social media profiles such as Twitter, YouTube, Linked In, or YouTube. Depending on your industry type, you get access to hundreds of templates. This tool has dedicated templates for real estate, marketing, e-commerce, and several other industries. Promo has over 12 million video clips and you can personalize them to your taste to come up with stellar content.

3. Animoto

For brands that want to give a superior visual experience to their followers, Animoto is a perfect choice. Here, you can create poignant intros for all your promotional videos. Further, the tool gives you complete control over the color adjustment, choice of texts, fonts, styles, and music. Although Animoto was originally aimed at creating animated videos, it has the provision of adding photos and video clips to create professional videos.

4. Fastreel by Movavi

If you are looking to create a quick brand intro, trailer, or advertisement, then Fastreel is the ideal choice. The tool lets you perform basic video editing such as using filters, compressing, and cropping online videos. You can also alter the video speed, rotate the clip, or add a brand logo or watermark to your image. With Fastreel by Movavi, you can easily add captions and subtitles to your videos.

5. Placeit

The Placeit video editing tool offers hundreds of video templates and simplifies the video-making journey for small businesses. The keyframe preview fastens the process of video editing and offers you access to limitless features. Placeit has a huge audio library and lets you use inspirational quotes in your videos. The interface of Placeit is extremely intuitive, thus making it a perfect choice for newbie video editors.

6. Magisto

Magisto is an advanced video editing tool that offers you the luxury of viewing the analytics of the videos that you create with this tool.  The tool provides limitless possibilities in creating commercial video editing and you can share your edited videos directly into your social media profiles.

Magisto offers some of the finest transitions and color correction support. You can use this tool for creating video slideshows as well. The USP of this video editing tool is its partnership with iStock as that gives you a plethora of image options to use in your video files.

7. Biteable

Biteable is the perfect video tool for situations when you need to create dedicated videos. This tool has explainer video, animated video, advertising, product demos, social media creative videos, and 40 other types of video content. After you select any content, you can add your logo, brand colors, and other unique features to personalize it to your convenience. The biggest advantage of Biteable is that it has hundreds of animations, cartoons, and caricature features which lets you create branded animated content in no time.

8. Lumen 5

Lumen 5 is the perfect video editing tool for those people who want to create their video content from scratch. The tool allows you to add your branding to your videos, making it an ideal choice for businesses. You can either upload your logo or choose from one of the stock files. We recommend that you use the Lumen 5 tool for situations when you need to promptly create a video and cannot devote a lot of time to editing.

9. FlexClips

In addition to conventional trimming and video adjusting, FlexClips lets you add special effects, voiceovers, and watermarks to your edited videos. You can also alter the aspect ratio of your videos to make them suitable for uploading to social media. FlexClips lets to add texts and overlays and give studio-quality finishing touches to your videos.  It is one of the few video editing tools that let you add widgets to the logos.

10. WeVideo

WeVideo is the preferred video editing tool for situations where you want to establish a big-budget look without burning a hole in your pocket. The zero upload wait time of WeVideo sets it apart from most other online video editing tools available today. The tool has some of the most templates and lets you use advanced features such as green screen, auto color correction, etc.

WeVideo lets you create square, vertical, and horizontal videos and use business motion titles to give your videos a professional touch. If you want a quick way to record explainer or gaming videos, then WeVideo is an ideal choice. With this tool, you can record your screen and webcam simultaneously, and this is especially useful for recording tutorial videos or gaming sessions


All the ten tools discussed above allow you to create HD and 4K quality marketing videos. Depending on your personal choice and the editing device, feel free to make a pick from the list. Focus on video marketing will help you steer the digital success story of your brand.