5 Simple Tips In Cleaning Your Roof Gutter

You need to clean out your gutters every year to keep them looking good and working well. As leaves fall, they can get trapped in the gutters, and if you don’t get rid of them, water will get stuck in them, weighing down the gutters. This is especially true in winter when storms with rain and cold weather can cause ice to build up in the gutters. If you’re looking for ways to make gutter cleaning easier and safer, take a look at these tips that you can use the next time leaves and another debris fall in your gutters.

Get Stable

If you have a high roof, you’ll need a ladder, and safety is the most important thing when you’re using a ladder. Make sure that you check the ladder to ensure that all of the rungs are stable, and you need to place the ladder on even ground. You can also use a helper to hold the ladder in place while you’re clearing away the debris. When you’re cleaning your gutters on a ladder, make sure that you don’t overextend, which can make you unstable.

Have the Right Tools

When you’re cleaning your gutters, it’s important that you have the right tools to stay safe and get the job done quickly and efficiently. One of the most important tools that you should invest in is gloves. It’s not uncommon to find sharp twigs or even broken pieces of glass and plastic in your gutters. You might not know where they came from, but they can find their way into your gutters, regardless.

Another tool that will help you get the job done quickly and efficiently is a gutter brush. This kind of tool is especially useful if you have a low roof because it lets you reach above your head easily, and you don’t even have to touch the contents of your gutters when you use one.

Otherwise, you might choose to use a gutter scoop, which is a scoop that’s made of either plastic or metal that you can use to clean out all of the dirt that gets trapped in your gutters.

Wear Old Clothes

Cleaning gutters is often a messy job, but you can save yourself the grief of trying to get mud stains out of your white shirts by wearing clothes that are already old or slightly stained. Your shirt should have long sleeves to prevent twigs from scratching your arms. And you should wear old shoes that you don’t mind getting dirty. Full-length pants are also an ideal choice. Even though it’s less likely that you’ll cut your leg on a broken twig, you could drop something on yourself, and you’ll appreciate the protection that a pair of jeans will provide your legs if something does fall.

Put the Gunk on a Tarp

It’s easy to think that you can just put all of the leaves, dirt, and twigs on your lawn, but you’ll be sorry if you do. It’s so much easier to move all of the junk to a wooded area of the lot or to the street for the city to collect if you just put it directly on a tarp. This can also save you a lot of the headache that you would feel when you realize that the gunk in your gutters will mat down the grass.

Flush the Gutters and Downspouts

Once you’re done getting rid of the majority of the contents of the gutters, the easiest way to clear away the remaining dirt is to use a garden hose to spray out the inside of the gutters. Otherwise, a pressure washer set at low pressure can get rid of some caked-on dirt. If you choose the pressure washer, be extra careful that you don’t use too much pressure, which can actually dislodge your gutters.

Running water through your gutters is also a good way to spot leaks along the seams or cracks in the plastic.

When you want to clean your gutters safely and quickly, like many projects, planning, and having the right tools will make the job easier. You’ll also be more pleased with the results. After you’ve done this process, you can also employ a Melbourne window cleaning company to make your windows shine.