5 Situations You Need Advice From A UK Immigration Lawyer

There are many instances where you’d need a legal practitioner’s guidance to navigate through challenges with the law.For instance, immigration law has different provisions compared to corporate law. It requires an in-depth understanding and translation of the clauses captured in separate sections.

You could be planning to travel abroad for various reasons, but there are immigration law caveats that could derail your arrangements. Perhaps you’re already in a foreign country like the UK, and immigration officials are confronting you over unclear circumstances.

A UK immigration lawyer may give you guidelines referring to the law cited in the constitution to protect yourself. Moreover, they can help with applications to convert your immigration status by speeding up your visa processing.

The following are five situations where you’d need advice from a UK immigration lawyer:

1. Visa Application

You’ll encounter intricacies throughout the immigration process, from obtaining your passport to securing a visa. It requires you to fill the right form specifically designed for a given visa class.

For instance, if you’re an investor looking to attend a business meeting, you might mistakenly apply for a work permit and get rejected. The department of immigration has clear guidelines on each class and is unable to guess your travel needs and intentions.

However, immigration lawyers can save you time and money, as well as the disappointment of visa refusal. They can give you the necessary information to navigate through immigration processes legally—the same works when looking to extend your stay in the country.

Young man visiting embassy for the visa

2. Deportation

Perhaps you’re already serving a re-entry ban that you feel was unfairly determined by the head office. The lawyer can appeal the decision on your behalf to find the best settlement of the matter.

Also, you could be facing deportation for violating immigration laws or criminal charges that may force expulsion from the UK. Such cases require proper interpretation of the regulations surrounding immigration.

The lawyers can review the circumstances leading to your deportation charges and contest the decision or make applications to the high court to stop these actions by head office. In addition, if you’re uncertain about your immigration benefits, such as asylum or revocation of a deportation order, a legal practitioner can give guidance accordingly.

3. Seeking Asylum

The requirements for asylum seekers to apply for residency are complex and may attract imprisonment or expulsion from the UK if not well presented. You need to learn what the vetting process entails and the duration allowed to submit your documents to kick start the change of status application.

Since asylum is awarded on merit, you’re expected to produce enough evidence to satisfy the demands of the immigration office. They’re guided by the provisions of the immigration laws and can’t bend them to suit you.

There are financial implications involved in the process and may vary from one law firm to another. Also, you can take advantage of the legal aid (your entitlement to free legal advice or information.)

The bottom line is to have adequate documentation to prove your eligibility in these legal matters. Your lawyer can outline the requirements before moving forward to submit your case.

4. Investing Abroad

The impact of Brexit has significantly affected the UK immigration system. Most of the exemptions for business and work permits were revised to suit British nationals. Non-citizens are expected to make new submissions to the head office and declare their immigration status.

For businesses looking to recruit skilled labouror purchase assets abroad, you’re required to comply with by-laws governing theentire process involved. Free movement around the UK ended withits penned-down exit from the European Union.

Moreover, there are visa tiers for investors looking to work in-country, and they demand compliance with the law. Consulting your immigration lawyer can reduce the chance of refusal plus loss of money in the process.

5. Citizenship Application

There are numerous pathways to lodge your citizenship application that demand proper representation. Your choice of route can affect how long the process will take and its outcome.

It’s a challenging undertaking if you decide to go alone, and you may encounter refusals from the home office. You need to consider facts like citizenship through schemes, your parents’ connections to the UK, and marriage or partnership, among others.

Based on your decision, the immigration lawyer can align the documentation as provided by the law. This will boost your chance of obtaining the desired citizenship.


Whether you’re looking to travel abroad or live in the UK, you need to understand the immigration law provisions to safeguard your status. Translating the by-laws can be hard if you’re not conversant with how they work, which may leave you frustrated.

Seeking advice from a UK immigration lawyer to guide you through the complexity of the laws is a good starting point. Moreover, the lawyer can help speed up various applications associated with the immigration system such as passport, traveling visa, asylum, and citizenship applications.

However, you haveto provide the correct information to support your cases adequately. It reduces the chances of getting refusal outcomes and possible expulsion from the country.