8 Most Affordable Places to Live in Florida 2021

Thinking about moving to Florida? You are in for a much exciting life. Whether you are considering Florida because of job and business opportunities, making a retirement plan to settle in a warmer climate after working in colder areas for years, or just want to enjoy your life somewhere near the beach and humid environment, one thing is for sure: Florida has got an amazing life waiting for you.

But why is that? Why is Florida a good candidate to move your life to?

Year-round warm weather, amazing natural beauty, stunning beaches, thrilling and adventurous outdoor life, exciting nightlife, good schools, tight-knit & diverse communities, no state income tax, and so much more factors are what make Florida a perfect place to live in.

But does that come cheap? Well, the Sunshine State does not only provide affordable housing options, but the quality of life and surprisingly low cost of living in some cities is something not easy to ignore. The southern has got everything that you need to live your best life for the cost that won’t leave you broke. 

However, there is a catch: you can’t live in the most luxurious spots, right by the beaches, in Florida without paying too much for housing, whether you buy or rent. So, you have got to settle for the cities more on the inside state. 

Below are 8 cities in Florida that are the cheapest to live in. Let’s dive in!

Fort Meade

A small city in Central Florida’s Polk County, Fort Meade has a low median home price, $74,800, with a booming economy and great living opportunities. Due to its low cost of living, it is one of the cheapest places to live in Florida.

Fort Meade is also famous for outdoor life – there is so much to do, such as canoeing and kayaking in nearby rivers and lakes. Moreover, there is so much history attached to this little town. You can spend your weekend afternoons looking at historical buildings and monuments.

Job opportunities and education standards are above average in Fort Meade. It is a good place to raise a family around a tight-knit community, while it also has proved its worth to the booming retirement community of Florida.

Haines City

The “Heart of Florida,” Haines City is a small city in Florida’s Polk County with a population of 20, 535 as per the 2010 census, which makes it the third most populated city in Polk County, Florida.

The location of Haines City makes all the difference when it comes to permanent housing. It is located in what we call “Four Corners.” That is the point where four counties of Florida, including Lake, Orange, Osceola, and Polk shake hands with each other. 

This makes Haines City a convenient and location-efficient place to live. You can take advantage of job opportunities and the education system of other counties as well while living in Haines City. 

Apart from the fact that the housing prices are likely to increase due to the growing economy, high standard of lifestyle, and convenient location of Haines City – with a beach just 88-mile drive away – the median house price is just $148,119, which has increased only 2.617% in the past year. 

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Live Oak

Located in northern Florida, Live Oak is a city in Suwannee County.  The average home prices in Live Oak are around $110,600, while the average income is $47,859. About income, technology, agriculture, and timber are the strongest components in the economy of this little city.

Considering income to housing ratio, Like Oak is the 8th most affordable city in Florida. However, when we look at the cost of living, it is actually very cheap.

When you are living in Live Oak, you are living a sort of peaceful, stable life in a closely-knit community where adventure and success are just waiting for you outdoors. And when so much is coming for a little cost, it leaves no doubt about the town slogan for the Live Oak, which is “A Caring Community.” 


You might be of the belief that Minneola is a very expensive place to live. However, considering the benefits that it provides, it is definitely one of the most cost-effective places to live in Florida. 

A city located in Florida’s Lake County with a population of 12, 595 as of 2019, Minneola is a great place to live with amazing employment opportunities due to its growing economy, high-quality education standard, and low crime rates. 

The city scores “A+” for crime and “A” in cost of living. Considering that, the average price of $365,000 doesn’t seem so pricey. Just check out the standard of Homes for Sale in Minneola FL and see what we mean. 

Cape Coral

Cape Coral isn’t only famous for its beautiful landscapes, the cost of living is pretty low there too. 400 miles of canals is the reason why we call Cape Coral a “Waterfront Wonderland.” However, there are other more important things to note.

The low crime makes this city one of the safest in Florida. And when we talk about the cost of living, the housing expense, utility, education, healthcare, transportation, food, and just about everything is below the Florida average.

Well, yes, grocery and transportation in Cape Coral might be a bit pricier than the neighboring city of Fort Myers, but think about this: no income tax, inheritance tax, and estate tax. And the year-round perfect weather and growing economy are just a cherry on top.


You might know Kissimmee as an adventurous vacation destination, but it’s so much more than that for people who live there, and you can be a part of that. Affordable housing, good education, outdoor entertainment and recreation, and picturesque landscapes all around the city are what make this city a cheap and perfect place to live. 

It is not only very cost-effective for Kissimmee to raise a family, but retirees and people in search of wealth also thrive in this city because of its growing economy and good schools and colleges. Since Orlando, a famous tourist destination, is just by the side, Kissimmee also gets plenty of visitors during the summer and spring break, which keeps life interesting and thriving in the city.

The median home price is just $217,500, which is as cheap as it can get in a place like Kissimmee.


The motto of Quincy says, ‘The Heart of Florida’s Future,’ and that can’t be more right. With a small population of 7,334, Quincy is a small city in Gadsden County of Florida. It used to be huge in the tobacco-producing industry. 

The city is quite affordable in terms of housing and living expenses. What makes life interesting here is diversity and outdoor recreation.

The city has a close relationship with a soft-drink brand, Coca-Cola, and the company has a huge hand in making Quincy a reputable place and its residents wealthy. The median home prices are just $91,900.


The environment of Macclenny is as stunning as its name. It is definitely one of the most underrated tourist destinations in Florida.

A city in north-central Florida’s Bakers County, Macclenny is just 6 miles away from the US state of Georgia. 

The beautiful coastlines, golden-sand beaches, amazing sunny weather all year round, and adventurous outdoor recreation opportunities just for the low median home price of $122,800 are what make this city one of the cheapest places to live in Florida.