6 of the Best Mexican Candy You Need to Try!

We know that Mexican dishes have heat but what about their candy? If you enjoy the heavenly mix of sweetness and spice, look no further than Mexican candy.

Jalapenos and chocolate

Food lovers will know that in any Mexican spicy dish, to offset the heat there is a pleasant sweet kick provided by adding chocolate.

From the powdered kind to melting chunks of chocolate in the sauce, Mexican dishes are undeniably tasty. Which is why Mexican jalapeno chocolate M&Ms will be the perfect candy treat when you need both fire and sweetness.

Hot pepper lollipops

As well as fiery tabasco, these colorful hard candy lollies bring to your taste buds flavors common to Mexican cuisine. Sweetness is rarely found through sugar itself but through the sugars of fruits.

Mango, a delicious fruit that tastes of sunshine, lends it flavor to golden yellow lollies whilst the sour tang of lime is also part of this collection. Sweet and sour – what could be better?

Pica Gomas candy

Tamarind is an exotic fruit that grows in tropical places across the globe. The combination of a sweet and sour taste in one fruit is unusual which is why it is such an iconic flavor in Mexican candy.

These chewy Pica Gomas candy gummies hold the tamarind flavor at the center with a tongue-tingling coating of chili. The sweet watermelon center contrasts with the heat of the chili – a must-try.

Or try the Pica Fresa candy for something different – the strawberry center works surprisingly well the spicy cinnamon coating.


Our taste buds take us on a journey every meal and drink we have and when it comes to candy, the journey should be no different. The problem is, we assume that candy has one flavor alone – sweet, sticky sugar.

If there is one piece of Mexican candy that blows this theory out the water, it is Pulparindo. Sweetness, saltiness and spice all collide in these chili-infused belts of candy.

Fruity dip bags

Walk along any busy street in Mexican cities, towns and villages and you’ll be greeted by the color of the many fruit stalls. The tropical fruit mixes of fruity dip candy bags will bring this experience to your taste buds.

Mango and lime balance perfectly together as does the subtle tones of cucumber and watermelon. When the weather is hot, hot, hot and you need a refreshing hit, look no further than these fruit-flavored packed dip bags.

Cremino praline bars

Sometimes, the only thing that satisfies is chocolate. And the combination of hazelnut and chocolate will soothe your sweet cravings.

The Cremino praline bars bring a candy sandwich experience. A layer of sweet hazelnut cream nestles between two outer layers of cocoa praline.

There are many other Mexican candies on offer too. Some deliver an unforgiving but addictive sour note whilst others bring together the two in one tasty fusion. Or, there is the sweetness and lightness of tropical fruit flavors. Either way, Mexican candy has something for everyone.