Launch X431 V Plus To Diagnose Your Vehicle

If you are in need of a device which can perform all the important tests for your vehicle and discover the diagnostics of your car, then you should go no further than Launch x431 v plus. The tool gives you the details of the live engine data streaming along with codes for all the systems involving your power and fuel system. And, what’s the icing of the cake is that it also offers you with transmission error codes along with external and internal body problems. So, no matter what goes wrong with your car, you will find it with Launch x431 v plus.

Some of the functions and specs of Launch X431 V plus:

Irrespective of your mechanical requirements, the auto scanner has everything. Some of the functions are given below:

  • Compatibility: It is a great size tablet, just like an iPad. And, there isn’t any hassle of Bluetooth connectivity, wires etc.
  • Mobile support via Android: The tablet runs on Android OS and thus you can easily access other apps too.
  • Wi-Fi connection: Rather than juggling with the cables, you can run the device with Wi-Fi connectivity. 
  • Easy installation: You will be provided with a registration ID and activation code with easy setup.

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  • Simple to use: The auto scanner has a simple UI to solve your problems quickly. It will tell you the steps needed to improve your vehicle.
  • Reliable: The tool offers instant responses to task selection on the screen. It has a 7000mAh battery that can run for hours.
  • Live engine test: It has active testing which can help you check your vehicle before an ignition test. Once all the tests are done, you will feel safer on road knowing your car is functioning efficiently. 
  • Sleek design: The auto scanner boasts of a dustproof, waterproof, greaseproof screen, hence you can use it anytime, anywhere, even with greasy hands.
  • Easy updating: The device is simple to update. You have one-click support and one-click upgrade system. 
  • Optimized interface: It offers simple and easy interface design with more friendly and easy to maintain functioning. 
  • Highly portable: It is small in size and can be easily carried anywhere.
  • Memory: It has 1GB memory and 8GB of data storage available for you.

Who should buy this device?

The device is recommended for all those users, mechanics and car owners who want to be updated with the present condition of their car. It is for also for all those car enthusiasts who want a trouble-free way to diagnose their car.


So, the cordless Launch x431 V plus is a great option for all those car lovers and mechanics who want to know the health of their car. It helps you in saving a lot of money and time when you think of car diagnostics. It is also helpful for all those mechanics that put in lot of effort diagnosing the problem of the car and spending their whole day in it. So, go for this easy to use, reliable, wireless scanning device for your car and start using it today.