6 Secrets for Making your Place Smell Amazing All the Time

A beautiful home is not just how it looks, it’s how it feels to be in – and scent is a massive part of that experience. You could have the most gorgeous room in the world, that has the most amazing home beach decor, but if it smells stale or worse, it’s not going to be too pleasant to spend your time in now is it? Luckily, having a beautiful smelling place doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated, nor does it take hours of your time. There are plenty of simple tricks of the trade to make sure that your home is always inviting and perfectly scented. Here are six of those secrets to get you started…

Warm Vanilla

Buy yourself some lovely fresh vanilla pods and place them on some foil in a baking tray. Pop this into the oven on a very low heat, between 80 and 100 degrees will do you nicely. Leave in the oven to roast away, and you’ll find that the inviting scent of warmed vanilla will waft through your home. This is a delicate, sweet scent, so if that’s your thing then you’re going to fall in love with this one.

Recycle Your Coffee Grounds

Finding a use for things that you might normally throw away is an awesome feeling – less waste is always, always a good thing. Those coffee grounds that are leftover from your morning brew can come in very handy for clearing out the pong of your sink, garbage disposal or your bin. Place at the bottom of your trash can to stop the stench of food waste or place it into the garbage disposal and let it run for thirty seconds to zap away any leftover smells from food residue.

Get Green

The urban jungle trend has been so big for a couple of years now, so why not embrace this stylish movement – the benefits are more than just aesthetic! Having plenty of plants around is great for your health, the air in your apartment and for bringing a lovely zingy green scent into your home. Bring in a variation of different plants, succulents and dried flowers to start building your collection and clearing the air in your home.

Clean with Eucalyptus

Us Australians are mad for eucalyptus, it’s in our blood and it’s no revelation to use it for cleaning our homes. That being said, you can actually take your love for this national leaf even further. Hang a few sprigs of eucalyptus in your shower or anywhere in your bathroom where it’s going to get a good steam pretty regularly. The steam encourages the dispersion of the leaves’ cleansing oils and the aroma is lovely and fresh, guaranteed to wake you up on those sleepy mornings.

Bake Off

A really fun and easy way of making your house smell inviting is by getting creative in the kitchen. Baking fills your entire household with a welcoming, comforting smell of delicious treats. This is an age old trick, and perfect for when you’ve got guests coming over. Plus, you get to reap the rewards and have a tasty snack after all that hard work you put into scenting your home.

Invest in Candles

Luxurious candles in delicate scent profiles can come at a premium, but they are well worth the investment. A gorgeous candle also adds to your home decor and general ambience. Higher end, natural wax candles give you a healthier burn and longer burn times as well as more creative and pungent scents for you to kick back and enjoy.

Try any of these secrets for a beautifully scented home.