6 Amazingly Psychological Facts That You Should Know About Yourself


The psychology of the human mind is a very fascinating subject. It’s been studied extensively, but for the most part, it still largely remains a mystery. In fact, it’s one of the least understood things in the world.

Nonetheless, a lot has been learned about how the mind works. Without further delay, let’s explore some interesting human psychology facts the may surprise you.

The Ability To Delay Gratification Or Not Starts Young

Not everyone can delay gratification. For many people, once they start to feel like they want something, no matter how many reasons they come up with to delay getting it, they eventually give in.

For example, let’s say you want a new tablet. But then, you start thinking it would probably be better to take care of your bills before buying it or you could even wait until after the holiday season; when the prices usually go down.

When you find yourself in this situation, what do you do? do you usually wait? Whether the answer is YES or NO, there’s a high probability that you’ve been this way since you were a child.

You Want More Choices Than You Can Process

Let’s say you want to try a different kind of cereal for a change, as you stand in the aisle in the grocery store, you will likely find yourself overwhelmed by the number of available choices. And pretty sure you’ll agree that’s how it is with most things when you go shopping. Be it food, apparel, electronics or anything else. There are always many choices.

That’s because people actually prefer to have a lot of options to select from. Ask anyone if they would rather have limited options or more choices, their answer will likely be the latter.

You’re Addicted To Faces

As humans, we are social beings and we often communicate our feelings through facial expressions. In fact, e are hardwired to scan the world for facial cues around us. Due to evolution, you deem such input as so important, that your brain immediately and subconsciously reacts to anything that even remotely resembles a face.

This is why we often find pictures that contain human faces more appealing than others. Yes, you’re addicted to faces. It’s an integral part of you.

You’re More Likely To Blame People Than The Situation

This fact is one of the most interesting facts in psychology. When something undesirable happens, people tend to put the blame on someone, instead of the circumstance they find themselves in. For instance, if you’re late for a meeting or an appointment, you’re more likely to blame the taxi driver, than the construction that resulted in traffic on the way.

Since the human mind works this way, it’s important that you remember this and take it into consideration when you encounter situations like this.

You Can’t Actually Multitask

Contrary to popular beliefs, you can’t actually do more than one task at a time. While it may be possible for you to easily switch between tasks, you can’t really multitask. In fact, except for some things that require minimal physical effort like walking while talking, the mind has been hardwired in such a way that it only fully concentrates on one task at a time.

Synchronous Activity Bonds Your Group

A group that does things together will always have a closer bond. As a matter of fact, research shows that people who have fun together, laugh together and participate in several activities together, are always ready to take steps and make sacrifices for one another, even if some of the members don’t like each other.


The human mind really fascinating and to think of it after reading this, you can’t deny the fact that the psychological thinking of the human mind is very interesting and mind-blowing. For sure there’s a lot of it has not been discovered yet.


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