6 Types of Pallet Racking Businesses Can Use In Their Warehouse Settings

Inventory and storage is the heart of every business. You need to have a safe and efficient space to store and access your stock. Space has to be well-organized and allow convenient inflow and outflow of the materials. Pallet racking is an excellent way to arrange the stock in a way that keeps it safe while allowing its movement without any hassle. However, it is difficult to find the right kind of racks for your warehouse, especially without help of experts like https://classicmoving.asia/services/storage-warehousing-solutions/.

The overwhelming variety available in the market can also be intimidating. One way to ensure that you are buying the right product is to invest in a reliable product. The dexion racking at Erect-A-Rack is among the top quality best seller racks for almost all kinds of purposes. Apart from the brand you also need to analyze and understand your requirements to choose the right type of racking system. This can boost your productivity and space to a great extent. Here are some common types of rack that are used by businesses and their usage to assist your decision.

Selective pallet rack

These are the most versatile pallet racks that you can find in the market. These are suitable for all types of industries. Selective pallet racks are highly efficient storage that is one pallet deep. These can be erected against a wall or can stand back to back. These are low-cost solutions that can accommodate products of all sizes, weight, and volume. You can use any type of forklift to access them.

Double – deep

These are an extended version of the selective racks to serve the high-density storage requirements. These are nothing but two selective racks placed one behind the other to double the storage density. These are much cheaper than other high-density storage options.

Backing rack

These racks contain pallets that are 2 to 6 levels deep. The pallets rest on carts that can slide on rails to push back the stock. This type of racks is ideal for a last-in-first-out storage system. They provide fast and smooth loading and unloading of material with no need for a special forklift.

Flow rack

Flow racks have slightly inclined pallets. These pallets are loaded at one end from where the material slides to the other end due to inclination. The other end is used to pick the material. It is suitable for a first-in-first-out storage system. It saves plenty of space and can be as deep as 20 pallets.

Drive-in and drive-through

These racking systems are characterized by their ability to allow forklifts to enter the rack structure. The pallets are placed on the slides with rails running across the length of the racks. The drive-in rack has only one opening that is used for both loading and unloading. However, in the drive-through, the forklift enters from one end to load the racks and exits from the other after picking the pallets.

Cantilever rack

Cantilever racks contain angles instead of pallets and are often used to store longer stock items. These are popularly used to store pipes, tubes, carpet rolls, etc. You can also pick additional safety by buying accessories like spring-loaded entry and deep-in decks.