7 Best Organic Foods That Helps You TO Achieve Weight Loss Goal

Regular exercise alone may not the answer to your weight loss related problems. Taking a healthy diet is also very important. If you are looking for faster results, you may opt for taking phentermine. Phentermine is found to be quite effective in treating obesity when taken along with a healthy diet and regular exercise. You can get an “online phentermine prescription by contacting a licensed doctor on the internet.

Adhering to healthy eating habits is not easy. Ignoring mouth-watering French fries, delicious cupcakes, and yummy chocolates are not that easy. What if we tell you that you can enjoy your holiday season, and still afford to get back to your weight shredding road by adding some healthy food in your dietary plan. 

Numerous fat-burning and nutritious food are there, which not only help in losing weight but also help in improving the overall health. The best part about these food tools is that their calorie content is quite low. This means you can have them anytime. 

Let’s look at some healthy food that may help you in achieving your weight loss goal. 


An oatmeal breakfast is a healthy way to start the day. Studies have shown that having oatmeal in breakfast keeps the stomach full for a longer period. This means that by eating oatmeal, individuals feel less hungry. As a result, the lunch intake would be lesser. 

An oatmeal breakfast is much healthier and calorie efficient as compared to ready to eat cereals. Furthermore, the protein and fiber content is very high in an oatmeal breakfast. In addition to this, the sugar content in oatmeal is lower than the cereal. 

Complex carbohydrates in oatmeal lower the insulin level and increase metabolism. Insulin stimulates the body to start accumulating fat, and the decrease in insulin level helps in losing weight, 

Eggs: to Maintain Levels of Blood Sugar

Eggs have been an important part of the daily food, especially breakfast. Eggs have a high nutrition value. Also, they are low in calories; only 78 calories are there in a hard-boiled egg. Besides protein, eggs also contain antioxidants like lutein and zeaxanthin, Vitamin D and choline. Eggs are filling; hence, when taken in breakfast, it increases the feeling of fullness. This further result in decreasing the total amount of calorie intake throughout the day.  

Studies have shown that a protein-rich diet helps in increasing metabolism as the digestion of protein requires more calories. Hence, helping in weight loss. 

Eggs can be taken at any time of the day. However, having them at breakfast are found to be more beneficial. Eggs can be taken in any form: boiled, baked, scrambled, omelette, or poached. Try avoiding cooking eggs in butter or oil as it would increase your calorie intake.

Avocados: Provides Fiber and Beneficial Fats

Avocados are a nutritional fruit which is rich in beneficial fats, fiber, and various other essential nutrients. Avocado contains Vitamin K, C, and E in them. Besides this, they are rich in various minerals. 

Healthy fats in avocado increase the feeling of fullness. As a result, after eating avocado, individuals tend to eat less throughout the day. Hence decreasing their overall calorie intake. 

Digesting these healthy fats require more calories. Hence, making them an important food tool to fight weight loss and appetite regulation. 

Berries: Highest-fiber Fruits.

Berries are always known for their nutritional value. The fiber content in berries is very high, and they are low in calories. 

Numerous studies have shown that berries influence the metabolism rate of sugar and fat. Researchers believed that berries influence genes which are responsible for regulating fat metabolism and its storage in the body. Also, help in reducing the cholesterol level and abdominal fat. 

Making berries a part of your healthy diet plan might help in improving the blood sugar level by lowering the level of triglycerides. Hence, assisting in achieving your weight loss goal.

A bowl full of berries is highly fulfilling because of the high fiber content in them that too without making you worry about your calorie intake. 

Beans: Having High Protein and Rich in Fiber

Beans are another food material that you should look forward to adding to your diet. They are rich in fiber and protein. They are a must if you are going for a vegan diet plan as it shares the same nutrition value as that in the meat. The fiber in beans keeps the stomach full for a longer period. 

Beans have low-fat content in them, and they also help in maintaining the insulin level. 

Beans are another food tool that would help you in reducing weight that too without compromising on the nutritional requirement of the body.

Dark Leafy Green Vegetables: Eight Loss-assisting Vitamin C

Green leafy vegetables contain essential nutrients, iron, and calcium. They are an excellent source of vitamins and minerals. Vitamin C is green leafy vegetable help in weight loss. They are rich in fiber and low fat and carbohydrates in them. This makes them a perfect choice for weight-loss food. 

Make sure to add green leafy vegetables in your diet. You can select from broccoli, kale, lettuce, spinach, collard greens, romaine, etc. 

Lemons Balance Blood Sugar Levels from a Meal 

The citric acid in lemon helps in stimulating the digestive system. Lemons, together with other enzymes and acids, stimulates the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach. Acidic nature of lemon helps in maintaining the blood sugar levels. Adding lemon to the meals or taking a mix of lemon and water before a meal, helps in boosting the digestion process. Effective digestion helps in losing weight.

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