A Comprehensive Scrubs Buying Guide

In an Australian hospital or anywhere in the world, for that matter, doctors, nurses, CNAs or anesthesiologists wear scrubs to protect themselves from potential germs.

Finding that perfect pair of scrubs will help you be efficient at your work and not fidget at the same time. These days you can even buy printed scrubs tops in Australia to add that fashion quotient to your workwear.

Read on to know about some of the top factors to keep in mind as you buy the ideal scrubs pair.


We cannot stress enough how crucial the perfect fit is for scrubs. Tight scrubs will restrict your movement, whereas too loose scrubs will make it difficult for you to perform your duties.

Our recommendation would be to go for stretchy and flexible scrubs created for maximum efficiency and movement ranges both in the legs and arms.

Premium Quality

While the ideal fit is essential, you must also check whether or not the scrubs are made of sustainable fabrics. Reliable scrubs garments are made of the best quality and design.

Moreover, these scrubs should be stain-resistant and have anti-microbial abilities. You can even look for some moisture-wicking options.

With these qualities, the scrubs will ensure that you are dry and cool even on the busiest days.


Scrubs require comfort and precision for the healthcare worker’s maximum efficiency. You should look for scrubs that are soft to your skin and thus, provide extra comfort.


Many of us also try to include a fashion statement in each garment. So how could scrubs be behind? If your workplace doesn’t have a scrub colour-code system, you can experiment with almost anything you want.

Here are some suggestions that you can incorporate to have fun and fashionable scrubs:

  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match the same scrub style for a unique yet cohesive look
  • The scrubs that have darker side panels provide you with a slimming effect, so we 10/10 recommend them
  • Prints generally change with different seasons. Picking your favourite seasonal scrubs at least a few months before the holiday will help you get your hands on limited prints. You can buy some premium quality, fashionable and unique printed scrubs tops Australia, as well.
  • Do not go for scrubs with glitter effects on them. While they might look good, the glitter fallout landing on your patients, your instruments, or even you can be tricky to remove


Many a time, it gets challenging to keep all the regularly used items such as pressure meters or stethoscopes. This is precisely why you necessarily need pockets present in the top layer of your scrubs.

Some healthcare workers don’t even believe in anything as ‘way too many pockets’ highlighting how important these pockets are for storage. You can have two, ten or twenty pockets all depending on the requirements.

These pockets can be embedded in cargo scrub pants, scrub tops and warm-up jackets. Go for medical scrubs that fit your pocket needs.

Wrapping Up

With these crucial factors in mind, both you and the patient are bound to have a safe experience and added comfort. Since healthcare workers such as surgeons, nurses and doctors will wear scrubs more than any other outfit, finding an optimal fit is crucial.

We also advise you to go for versatile medical scrubs that check all the boxes of being breathable, a new-age, modern fit and last very long.