A Man’s Bestfriend:  5 Cool Facts About Dogs

Generally, everybody loves these creatures, dogs are domesticated mammals that live all over the world, and that word “domesticated” means that they are taken care of by people. In fact, this is pretty cool most historians believe that dogs were the first animals to be domesticated, that’s right.

In the United States alone almost 43 million households own at least one dog. These lovely animals are so popular it’s because they’re so much fun or maybe because they’re so cute. There are so many reasons why they are super cool animals, so we gotta go through the lists of cool facts about dogs.

Dogs Like to Squeak Toys

Now this one belongs to the wtf facts that you should know while you are alive. Dogs are considered to have an addiction to stuffed toys. Though dogs are being kept as pets by people, they still possessed some of their primal instinct. That’s why they are excited by squeaky toys. Because sometimes the toys appear for them like little prey begging out for their lives.

There Are Over 150 Types Of Dogs

These types of dogs can look very different from one another.  Some dogs are huge like the Great Dane it can get up to 30 inches tall and can weigh almost 200 pounds. But don’t let their size scare you, these dogs are super friendly. They have been nicknamed “Gentle Giants.”

Other dogs are really small like the Chihuahua. Usually, between 6 to 9 inches tall these are super small dogs especially compared to Great Dane. But even though they’re small they can have big personalities and make their presence known.

Some dogs have specific markings like the Dalmatians, they are famous for their white coat and spots. You’ll find this interesting because Dalmatians puppies are white when they are born but when they are about 4 weeks old their black spot appears, it’s pretty cool right?.

There’s one more interesting type of dog you should know and they call it “pug” is a small dog with a really cute wrinkly face they are sweet gentle dogs that are great around kids.

Dogs See Colors Differently Than Humans

It’s so fascinating, believe it or not, people used to think that dogs were completely colorblind. Scientists later discovered that dogs can see colors they just see them as yellows, browns, and blues. Imagine you walk out with your dog and there you see a garden and the way you see it is you see the reds, the greens, and all of the full colors well but the dogs see yellow, browns, and blues.

Dogs Have Better Smell Than We Do

They have way more smell receptors in their noses than we do and the part of their brain that figures out smells is larger than ours. That means as the dogs are sniffing the flowers, the dogs are picking up smells and scents that we would never even know we’re there.

Dogs Only Sweat From Their Paws

Humans sweat in many areas of their bodies but dogs only sweat from their paws because sweat is not the main way that dogs cool down. The main way a dog cools down is by panting, have you ever seen a dog pant before? that’s their way of taking a rest.


So after reading the lists mentioned above, probably you know what type of dog you really wanna have or you want to take care of. If you already have a dog maybe this might help you know your dog very well. Besides, people’s love changes but the dog’s love stays forever.