Chemise – Is It Important To Wear One? 

In the early days, the chemise was only a plain blouse or smock worn below clothing. It was made to prevent sweat and body oils from staining outer clothing. Both men and women wore chemise during the Middle Ages in Europe. Men wore them with their pants and covered them with robes, whilst women wore them as shirts underneath their gowns.

Nowadays, chemise, sometimes known as slips, is commonly worn as basic nightwear as well as lingerie underneath formal attire. They are made of soft materials like satin, silk, or cotton. For ladies who appreciate the beauty of sexy lingerie, they are regarded as quite a fashion statement. Over time, ready-made chemise from the brands found its way into every woman’s wardrobe. 

Illusion Lingerie an Australian brand is known for offering varieties of designs in chemise. The brand was established in 1983 in Melbourne and since then they have provided numerous types of lingerie that were in sync with growing demands and trends. Whether you’re looking for a short style, net material, lace pattern, or satin and silk chemise they have everything in their product list. 

Importance of Chemise in Wardrobe 


Looks Glamorous and Boosts Confidence 

This plush and stylish nightgown has pliable strips to fit and curve your figure. A silk chemise only makes you feel all put together, which will make you exude poise and glamourous. It’s difficult not to feel stunning and confident in this lovely mini-dress.

Wear it Anywhere 

Wear it like a sleep dress and slip into your bed in your soft and mushy comfortable night dress. Cover your two pieces at the beach by slipping into a chemise. Protect your body from suntan and feel confident while lying on the sand. If paired with boxers or pyjamas, they can make a perfect morning alternative during extreme summers. 

Perfect for All Seasons 

For winters try to long style chemise if you dislike pyjamas at night. Soft jersey fabric will keep you warm on chilly days. While short strap chemise is perfect for summers. Look around for comfortable fabric that ventilates air and keeps you comfortable during the day and night. 

Outerwear Option

Got an outdoor emergency, don’t have time to change? Tug in your chemise in your trouser and get wear a coat or shrug to hide those straps if necessary. A perfect outdoor look for grocery shopping or picking up kids from school. 

Sexy Shapewear 

It causes removes knicker lines completely. Slips simply make it easier for your clothing to “hang,” allowing the material to flow naturally and gently over your body. With its fully bendable strips and silky microfibre skirt, this elegant minidress will keep you feeling cosy and supported all day and night.

Crushed velvet, silk, satin, lace, and mesh are some materials used to make chemises. With its silky texture and enticing flair, the gorgeous velvet chemise is a classic. Chemises made of silk and satin are silky and seductive, and some styles come with lace, mesh, embroidery, or sequins added in. 

These designs at Illusion Lingerie aim to produce a chemise that is the ideal garment for an intimate night by combining diverse colours. Check their LinkedIn profile to know more about the brand.