Common Queries About Eye Surgery Answered

Have you had enough of wearing glasses or contact lenses?

In 2023, more people than ever are opting to ditch the specs and are choosing more long-term alternatives to alleviate issues they are having with their eyesight. 

While most people may feel squeamish about surgery on their eyes, as many as 1 million people per year around the world will undertake surgery on their eyes to relieve one problem or another, with the most popular surgery type undoubtedly being laser eye surgery.

However, despite its popularity, many people know very little about it, making it an intimidating process to undertake, even if you would benefit greatly from it.

So, read on for answers to five of the most commonly searched questions related to laser eye surgery.

How Much Does Laser Surgery Cost?

Starting with the question that most people want to know, your laser eye surgery cost will be based on multiple factors

Suppose you are going in to have your lens replaced; that is likely to cost more than a lens clearing. The cost will also depend on the clinic you go to and the skill of the surgeon. 

You can expect the costs to start at $1,000 per eye, going upwards based on the procedure, your location, and the skill of the surgeon.

How Safe Is the Surgery?

It is true that many people think that anything sharp (or hot) going near the eye is a recipe for disaster, but laser eye surgery has an extremely high success rate and is considered safe when it is performed by a trained surgeon. 

You will, of course, need to follow post-operative care to ensure you get the best results from the surgery, and be sure to attend any appointments that you need to with your surgeon and ophthalmologist.

How Long Is the Recovery?

Again, the length of the recovery time will vary based on the procedure performed.

Provided that all of the aftercare is adhered to, many people will notice that their vision improves in as little as a week after the surgery has been performed. 

There are other factors to consider, too, such as your age, your standard of eyesight before you had the surgery, and whether or not you developed any secondary complications, such as an infection. 

What Are the Benefits?

There are many benefits to undertaking laser eye surgery.

For starters, you will no longer need to wear glasses or contact lenses and will, therefore, no longer need to pay for these items on prescription. 

Many people also note that after laser eye surgery, their eyesight overall is improved from when they were wearing glasses, allowing them to experience the world with more clarity. It can also prevent the progression of conditions like astigmatism and far or short-sightedness too.

Can the Surgery Go Wrong?

Even though laser eye surgery is deemed to be safe, like any surgery, it does come with risks. 

As mentioned before, one of these may be an infection, which can cause the eyesight to worsen once the eye has healed. Depending on the type of surgery you are having, you will always need to check that the place where it is being performed is clean, has trained staff, and has appropriate aftercare, which can lower the chances of post-operative complications.