Condolence Flowers – Types and when to send them

Flowers are part and parcel of a joyous occasion – whether receiving or gifting. Flowers can also be sent for condolences, however the type of flower is very crucial so that you do not want to be misinterpreted. One would usually send chrysanthemums or carnations, as these flowers are white and represent remembrance. Also, you would not want to send a bouquet of flowers to a funeral, where a flower stand is more appropriate. If you have been involved in a friend hosting a funeral, or are involved in organising one, do read on.

Types of flowers for condolences

In most cultures, chrysanthemums or carnations are usually sent to convey remembrance and purity of the person’s legacy. For most flower shops, they will offer faux flowers alongside carnations or chrysanthemums so that it adds volume to the bouquet, and will not wither and look unkempt within a day or two. As a funeral tends to last from a few days to even a week, having faux flowers mixed with the actual flowers allows the bouquet you sent to last the whole duration. 

You may also choose to send other flowers such as orchids and roses, but it is preferable if you had known the person well enough. Also, you may opt for light-coloured versions of those flowers, so that its original vibrant colours do not stand out awkwardly at the funeral. 

Types of flower stands

For a funeral, a flower stand is almost a must as you would not want the poor deliveryman to be handing a bouquet of condolence flowers to a grieving loved one who does not know where to place them. 

The flower stand, with the flowers added, should be slightly taller than the average person, so do take note of that when you are browsing condolence flower stands online. 

Also, the flower stand should not be an overly bright colour, either white or black would be fine. You may choose from a standing block type or a three-legged flower stand – both are fine.

If you are not able to get a condolence flower stand, you can also consider condolence wreaths. If you are unsure, you can always consult a flower company for direct advice, or read up on TheSmartLocal flower delivery articles.

When to send them?

If the funeral is for the loved one of a friend, do inform them beforehand that you will be sending a flower stand over, along with your condolences over a phone call if you are not able to meet in person. You would also want to send them flowers early, rather than mid-way during the funeral where there might be processions or other rites taking place. This is common with Buddhist or Taoist rites.

However, if the one passed is Muslim, it might be more appropriate to send condolence flowers such as lilies which are scented to the family’s home. As to the flower type, you may also check with your friend beforehand to determine what customs they follow. 


Sending flowers for condolences is not as straightforward as sending flowers for other occasions, and is dependent on the family’s customs and beliefs. Nevertheless, sending flowers will definitely make an impression, and your friend who has lost a loved one will definitely be grateful and feel comforted.