DUI: What Happens When the Arresting Officer Is a No-Show in Court

We’ve all been all over the place around the local area just to understand that we may have had one such a large number of beverages. Tragically, a large number of individuals end up accused of a DUI consistently in light of the fact that they drive after this acknowledgment. The capture is regularly the main exercise that a great many people need to sort them out, however sadly, the legitimate outcomes are as yet going to be brutal. It’s imperative to note, notwithstanding, that whether a capturing official appears for preliminary will have a solid bearing on the result of the case.

For what reason is Officer Testimony so Important?

In the criminal equity framework, everyone has a couple of basic rights that ensure them all through the procedure of their preliminary. A significant number of these rights, particularly those identifying with the tests performed when you were halted, are the exact reason that an official needs to appear for court. As one DUI legal advisor clarifies, “When affirming in court against you, the official should clarify – as they would see it – how you performed on these tests. Regardless of whether you were drinking before you took the wheel, a field temperance test can’t consequently, all by itself, convict you. The capturing official will require extra confirmation.”

The most compelling motivation for the capturing official to show up in court is that there is an observer who can authenticate the way that the driver was inebriated while driving. A police report doesn’t comprise an observer; the official must be there to bear witness to the way that they had sensible doubt to pull an individual over and suspect that they were impaired.

Imagine a scenario in which the Officer doesn’t appear.

It’s imperative to take note of that an official not appearing at preliminary isn’t really a programmed rejection of a charge. There are a few zones in America where this is the situation; this is on the grounds that it’s felt that a conviction basically can’t be gotten without the official’s declaration. A few territories will take a preliminary forward without the capturing officials’ quality, yet by then, the preliminary turns out to be considerably more troublesome.


As referenced before, there must be substantial proof with respect to why an individual was pulled over and associated with alcoholic driving. A bombed breathalyzer test doesn’t comprise this sort of proof since it was performed after the underlying stop. On the off chance that it can’t be demonstrated that the official had sensible doubt to play out a breathalyzer, at that point it can’t be demonstrated that they had authentic reason to hold the suspect in any case. This frequently prompts a rejection.

Will a Person be sentenced without Officer Testimony?

While it is not exactly perfect for examiners, it is conceivable to get a conviction without an official’s declaration. The supporting proof, be that as it may, must be solid. This doesn’t just apply to a breathalyzer test either. As referenced before, it must be demonstrated that an official was legitimized in influencing a traffic stop and leading a liquor breath test. Lamentably for a few, this is conceivable without the official.

In the event that an official’s dash camera demonstrates an individual swerving between paths or occupied with different perilous conduct before they pulled the driver over, at that point video proof legitimizes the underlying stop. On the off chance that a driver is, at that point cumbersome on their feet or unfit to stand straight and this is gotten on camera, the video proof backings the officials choice to lead a breathalyzer. In spite of the fact that it’s not in every case likely that this measure of proof will be accessible without the official, it unquestionably is conceivable.


A DUI conviction conveys a few cruel results alongside it, so it’s normally gainful to verify a DUI lawyer before confronting the state. While the facts demonstrate that an individual may have their charges rejected because of an official not appearing, it’s irresponsible to take the risk of them not appearing without a legal advisor close by. Truly, the officials generally wind up getting paid extra time while sitting in a cooled court, so in this circumstance, it’s vastly improved to be sheltered than sorry.