It Bags are every woman dream, logo-mania here to stay


Women are no longer interested in buying logo-free handbags, they are all vying for options with an obvious and recognizable label. 

logo mania and designer-loving are currently on the trend officially here to stay.

While  a purse and a handbag are technically the same thing serving the same function. Style  is what distinct a purse from a handbag. Most women would agree that there’s a huge difference between a ten dollar purse and a fancy designer handbag.

Every woman is seeking to look good, born with  unique quality of choosing the best that fits their personality. However, there are endless ways to add that aesthetic touch to one’s personality. 

Women love to be labeled as a fashion icon amid their friend circle that’s why most goes for designer bags putting label-loving on trend. They breath and talk designer handbags and fashionable clothes all the time. 

All the ladies out their look for the best designer bags without blowing all earnings on only one piece.

To choose a perfect handbag is a very important thing it reflects one’s personality and style. Some girls use handbag for fashion purpose, other like to carry handbags only to keep all useful items close to them. 

These days women are prepared to spend more on a handbag than a holiday or even a car. 

Bags have become a unique outward declaration of a woman’s status, fashion savvy and earning power. it is in a woman choice of bag that you can make sure she stand out from the crowd.

Each and every woman is vying for an It-bag to be in her wardrobe. According to Wikepedia It bag is a high-priced designer handbag that has become a popular best-seller. Its most obvious attribute is the striking design. 

Whether it’s the distinctive quilting and gold chains of the Chanel 2.55 bag or the unmistakable underarm Fendi Baguette, An It-Bag is instantly recognizable. 

Fashionable handbag brands that are considered to be an “It bags” include Chanel,  Louis Vuitton and Fendi. 

Trying to pick a fashionable as well as an affordable designer bag is rather hard. In a bid for supporting the logo-mania without blowing all the earnings, here 5 top designer handbags one can score for under $200.

There is Fendi Orange Zucchino Bag  which is so bright and fun with a price tag of $145. The Staud 2018 Shirley Bag can also be found for $195 which is made from PVC and the handles are made from calf leather. 

One can also find Prada Leather-Trimmed Vela Bag for $145 with its silver-tone hardware, flat shoulder strap, pink leather accents throughout, pink wove lining, single zip pocket at interior wall and zip closure at top. 

There is also Burberry Nova Check Lunch Box for $193 and Mark Cross Quilted Leather Bag for $125. 

An iconic bag owes its status to quality and craftsmanship which looks as good decades later as it did the day it was first worn.