Essential Vitamin C Serum Tips

You probably already know how great vitamin C is for your body. Vitamin C works with your body to help fight illness and infection. In fact, we don’t know of any cold or flu natural product that doesn’t have vitamin C in it, for good reason. People have been eating fruits with vitamin C in them for millennia. You might not know this, but vitamin C is also great for your face. If you use a vitamin C serum, you get rewarded with some great looking skin that feels younger and looks brighter. What is the best way to use a vitamin C serum? We have some thoughts. 

Why Vitamin C Serum?

People have been using vitamin C serum for several reasons. First, serums, because they are light, can penetrate your skin more deeply, which means they have the ability to help multiple layers of your skin, not just one. Also, vitamin C serum is pure and natural, which means that it doesn’t have harsh chemicals that might be harmful to sensitive skin. Vitamin C serum acts as a skin brightener, so it is able to slough off dead, dull skin, and reveal the brighter skin underneath. Vitamin C also helps to correct spots on your face from the sun, and undereye circles, which can be hereditary, but also come from allergies. In short, vitamin C serum gives you a lot of bang for your buck, especially when you use it with a micro needle roller to get the serum as deep into your skin as possible. 

Steps for Using Vitamin C Serum

To perfect a Timeless Skin Care routine, you first need to make sure that you cleanse your skin thoroughly. Be sure to get all of the makeup, oils and dirt off your skin’s surface, so that the product can work more thoroughly. Next, you need to tone your skin, to really prepare it for the next step. Once a week, you can use a micro needle roller after you tone. You don’t want to use the fine needle roller more than once a week when you are starting a new routine. After you use the micro needle roller, you will then need to put the vitamin C serum on. Whether you use the micro needle roller, you can still use serum up to twice a day after you tone your skin. For the best results, you will need to then use your moisturizer after the serum dries. 

If you want to use a mask, we suggest that you do your mask in between your cleansing and toning steps. While most people don’t mask every day, you may want to use a mask twice a week, depending on your skin type. There are also people who vary their skincare routine depending on the time of year. We are all for change, but the basic skincare routine shouldn’t change much week to week. Also, once you introduce a new product to your skin, and it seems to work well, you need to use it for a while to measure its effects on your skin. Give your new skincare routine a month or two before you make any other changes. We hope these suggestions for using vitamin C give you healthy, glowing skin before you know it!