What the Health? 5 Random Facts About Health and Wellness

Since we’re inside our homes right now, a lot of us aren’t doing anything at all. Most of us just watch movies and TV, cook dinner, and sleep. Having this kind of lifestyle can be relaxing for a while, but if it becomes a norm, then we’re going to have a lot of problems. For one, having a sedentary lifestyle can lead to a lot of diseases such as heart conditions and diabetes. 

As most of us aren’t getting the right amount of exercise, our body has lots of stored energy inside it. When waiting out this pandemic to go away, it’s a must that we do a check on our health, not just physically, but mentally as well. With that said, here are some five random health facts that you should know about:

Coffee Beans Can Get Rid of Bad Breath

Aside from a warm cup of coffee, coffee beans are also known as an odor neutralizer. There are many instances where perfume shops make their customers smell coffee beans in between trying different fragrances. This fact is a part of a lot of random interesting facts you can read about coffee. 

Don’t get fooled, though. Drinking coffee can make your breath smell terrible. To get the deodorizing effect of coffee beans, you actually have to chew on them thoroughly. It may be bitter, but chewing a roasted coffee bean releases its antibacterial properties inside your mouth, killing off any bacteria that produce a bad smell.

Covid 19 Is Spread Through Droplets

Since we’re inside our homes because of COVID 19, it only fits that we include a fact about the dreaded infection on this list. COVID 19 is spread through droplets that result from sneezing or coughing. Technically speaking, you can’t directly get COVID if you touch a positive person’s skin. 

You can only get COVID if that person’s skin that you touched has had the droplets where the virus resides. After that, you need to touch your eyes, face, mouth, nose, or any part of your face to get the infection. This transmission mode is the reason why the sickly should wear masks and for everyone to always wash their hands with running water and soap. 

A Single Cigarette Stick Can Cut a Smoker’s Life by 11 Minutes

Smoking is one of the reasons why most people develop serious diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and cancer. Aside from these three, numerous diseases can develop in a person due to the chemicals inside a cigarette stick.

Research says that for every stick a person consumes, they’re actually removing 11 minutes of their lives. Smoking doesn’t only cause harm to the smoker, as those around them are also vulnerable. There have been several cases wherein a smoker’s family member dies first of a complication before the actual smoker does. 

Our Phones Can Prevent Us From Sleeping

Specifically talking, it’s the blue light from our smartphones that can help us stay awake during sleeping hours. The blue light interacts with our brain, which then interprets it as sunlight. This fact is the reason why we shouldn’t use our smartphones or any device that emits blue light before sleeping.

Sleeping Helps Us in a Lot of Ways

Some might look at sleep as something unproductive, but in reality, sleep helps our health in a lot of ways. For one, sleep allows the body to recuperate and build up resistance to certain illnesses. When a person loses sleep for prolonged periods, they’re more susceptible to common colds and cough.

Another way sleep helps us is by building up muscle mass. Most exercises create microscopic tears within our muscles. The body repairs these small tears through proper diet and sleeping. Without sleep, an overworked person is more prone to injuries. 


Most bodybuilders will agree that building up a muscular body needs three critical things: Exercise, Proper nutrition, and Sleep. Skip anything between those three, and the results can be harmful. When you don’t get enough sleep, you tend to build up an appetite and eat more. 


Now that we’re in quarantine, we should all do our part to take care of health. The facts mentioned above are just some that can help us with our health. Without a healthy body, we won’t get to enjoy what life offers.


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