How Does A Cell Phone Tracker App Works And Which Are Some Of The Best Apps?

The cell phone tracker apps activate the GPS tracking system which marks the precise location of your device. Global Positioning System functions as a navigation system to connect several satellite networks which give you precise location data on devices sited across the world. So, the GPS receiver calculates the precise location of your device with efficacy.

It helps in tracking mobile devices

You can activate phone tracking on your Android device with the help of Android Device Manager. And if you are an iPhone use, you can do it through “Find My iPhone”.

There are several third party apps which are helpful in this. These apps feature built-in functions which don’t just track the location of the phone but also data of the targeted phone. Commonly known as cell phone spy app, there are a lot of these apps available in the Google Play Store. However, it is important to pick the one which suits your purpose well. The apps are really helpful in tracking your phone, no matter it is lost or stolen.

Review of cell phone tracker apps is given below:

The tracker apps track the exact location of the device along with the activities being done on it. Check out the review of cell phone tracker apps given below:

1. Where’s My Droid

It is an amazing app to catch your stolen device. At the time of deployment, it triggers the volume up and makes the phone ring. If the device isn’t close enough for you to listen to the ring, then it sends GPS coordinates to Google Maps.

Some of the specs of Where’s My Droid app are given below:

  • Doesn’t uses your battery
  • Password security to avoid unauthorized app changes
  • Distant lock device
  • Location alert even at the time of low battery

2. Find My Device

It is a highly effective and promising app. once your device is located, it performs factory settings and safeguards all your personal data and easily tracks your phone. If the device is lost somewhere close, you can locate it by ringing. It has a list of indoor maps for malls, significant landmarks, stadiums and airports.

Some of the specs of Find My Phone app are given below:

  • Showcases indoor and outdoor maps
  • Tells the battery status and network.
  • Works in the silent mode too.
  • Locks the phone with a personalized message.

3. MSpy Tracker

mSpy Tracker is for all those who want to have a GPS locating app in their cell phones. It helps you to track the location of the phone with great ease. The app has 22 spying tools which are available on an individual dashboard.

Some of the specs of mSpy Tracker app are given below:

  • It helps you manage calls.
  • It tracks the GPS location of the device.
  • It also allows you to monitor the internet activities and read messages from distant.

4. Life360

People often call Life360 an all in one location tracker. It helps you to easily track your devices, be it a cellphone, tablet or anything. It offers some amazing safety specs to users. For example, at the time of emergency, the app will make a call for ambulance automatically.

Some of the specs of Life360 app are given below:

  • Live location sharing.
  • Group chat for convenient interaction.
  • Option to make private group.

5. Glympse

It is yet another remarkable cell phone tracking app to share live location via GPS tracking. It allows you to create in app group for higher safety. One thing which makes the app different from the others is that after the location is shared, the other person can witness it without even installing the app.

Some of the specs of Glympse app are given below:

  • Offers a courtesy note with ETA.
  • Shares live location with map.
  • Helps you coordinate with friends.

6. iSharing

This app doesn’t just track your lost device, but also keeps a note of your family members. It allows you to make groups and communicate and monitor live location of the members of the group.

Some of the specs of iSharing app are given below:

  • Permits chatting with the members of the group.
  • Live alerts.
  • Panic alert.
  • Functions like a walkie talkie.

These are the three best cell phone tracker apps which you can use for your device.