How to carry out inspection of your electrical system?

Are our electrical systems dangerous? Who actually determines the ways of inspecting small residential to huge commercial and industrial complicated webs of these powered systems? No better time to dig deep down these shocking facts and rules guarding such galvanic designs. This era can be highly appealing for candidates opting their career as an electrician. Since the growth and development of the construction world have been shifted to a whole new level, the salaries have also been upgraded.

Undoubtedly, newer structures with high-end luxuries and facilities are all electricity-oriented, thereby, increasing the demand for talented electrical doctors to keep an eye on the health of their employer’s expensive systems.

Understanding the systems 

While residential and commercial systems are more likely to produce harmonics (i.e. currents and voltages that are an integer multiple of the fundamental power elements) in the entire supply system, they are more likely to be error-prone.  These harmonics or disturbances are produced as a result of the load changes across the consumers’ end.

As a matter of fact, the whole city sits on a flexible and robust power web that has the ability to undergo expansion, substitution and technological development. Being a dynamic system, every element that is a part of it is likely to get involved in any trouble depending upon how timely and accurately the inspection is being performed.

Diagnosis, among all other phenomena, crucially plays its role in carrying out a safe operation. But the question is who qualifies as an ‘Electrical Doctor’?

Skills a good Electrician needs

Electrical Direct has generated a report regarding the highest paid electricians of the world. According to which among other tradesmen in Britain, their Electricians earn the most. Redwood City in San Francisco-San Mateo, stands out as it has the most highly paying electrician employers among all the cities in the world. Though, we all know that with great money comes great responsibility.

In order to get the job for international projects, an electrician is supposedly having all these qualities:

  • Not expected to be a math geek or Albert Einstein, one needs to have strong know-how of algebra (basics will work for it).
  • Every workplace an electrician visit is completely communicated on paper. Lots of written piece or documents need to be comprehended to analyze the steady-state condition and compare with what the fault created.
  • Not much of communication being done on-site, an electrician will be writing back about the operation which must be understandable and technical in terms of power.
  • Most importantly, after studying the site the doctor will diagnose the problem and his critical thinking will play its part.
  • They should have effective communication skills for improving the teamwork. In many situations, the electricians can be called between any crisis time for helping customers for giving them a feel of comfortable and easy.
  • Time management is one of the essential part for electricians, and strong understandings of al regulations.

Safe operation! 

Dealing with high voltages and powered components, safety is what must be pursued before starting the job. Negligence in this regard may lead to catastrophic results and the severity will depend upon the amount of ‘Watts and Volts’ one’s dealing with.

Thus, after a number of disastrous events and minor mistakes being transformed into life-threatening situations, countries developed some strict safety codes. These codes were developed from time to time as the incidents occurred and researchers keenly observed the events.

The National Electric Code or NFPA 70 gives a vivid understanding of the measures to take at the site of operation. Hence, there is a lot to keep in mind!

Virtues of getting your Electrical system inspected

When you care about your family and people around you, you make sure of leaving no stone unturned in this regard. For a peace of mind, owners of houses or commercial buildings need to get your system checked for safety:

  • All appliances being powered must be in good health and replace components after the end of their life provided by the manufacturer.
  • Do-it-yourselfers may ignore some minor details while fixing or embedding new technology, thereby it must be scrutinized and identified in the first place.
  • Wires are the major part of this network, thus the quality of wire must be recognized before installation. It won’t be wrong to consider them veins or arteries of a human body, leading to heart and other essential organs of the system.
  • Detecting power wires and related features that might have corrupted when heavily loaded.
  • Breaker and fuse ratings must be keenly checked so as to assure their accurate circuit breaking functions. Inspectors do need to analyze the installed system and fix any overloading or oversizing.
  • Greater networks will require high-level examination along with it they must have a financial quota reserved for implying safety codes or rules.
  • Keeping a safe environment is the responsibility of every individual involved in the business.
  • Inspectors ensure that their employers get to save energy and less maintenance cost.
  • Insurance assessment details must be met to reduce risk factors.
  • Before moving into your house, let it be inspected to avoid any mishap.

Your home calling for an inspection!

Wondering when do you actually need an electrical doctor? Well here’s the answer, if you have any situation as mentioned below your electrician will be visiting soon.

  • When you get yourself a new place
  • When your place has an existence of more than 40 years, some things might need attention.
  • Adding a new appliance or upgrading an older version that is more power-consuming. For example, refrigerators.
  • Your place undergoing a significant renovation.


If you have decided to become a successful electrician, this is the road map you will be following. Apprenticeship is the first step where you will cut your teeth first despite having the required qualification. Under the supervision of the Master electrician, the apprentice will be serving for four years of essential learning.

Followed by this, the person properly logging the hours and achieving his certificates is entitled as a Journeyman electrician. This refers to the certification to work independently and can perform wire installations, fixtures, and troubles-shooting as well. The final desired position is that of a Master Electrician, who is able to do bidding for jobs and laying out wired systems and their installation. Responsibilities like circuit routing and breaker selection come under his umbrella.

Prevention is better than cure and if you have been avoiding this procedure then schedule your electrical safety inspection without further delay.

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