How to Use the Photostick Mobile?

At present, most people use their smartphones to take photos. A Study Found That “A single person of the United States and Asia Pacific Region took 20.2 photos per day and yearly 7373 photos’ ‘. The statistics tell us that to store those photos, you need massive storage. However, in limited phone storage, it is impossible to store such a large amount of photos. In that case, you need a Photo Stick to store your photo without any hassle. 

A Photostick Mobile is a portable device that stores photos and other types of files in an organized way. It comes with massive storage capacity and has a simple operating system. If you want to buy a Photostick Mobile and don’t know how to use it, then stick with this article. Without further ado, you will know the whole details about Photostick Mobile functionality. Let’s drive to the next section without time-wasting.

What Is Photostick Mobile

Photostick mobile is a specifically convenient device for instant file backup like images, videos, music, etc. It takes a short period to complete the backup process. It looks like a USB Flash Drive but different from the operational function. However, the chief components that make it different from other devices are structurally operated for the mobile device that works with a USB port. Photostick Mobile works with built-in software. This software plays an essential role in detecting the different types of files. 

The Photostick Mobile comes with different variations on the basis of storing capacity and operating system. On the market, you will find Photo Stick for Android devices and Photostick for iOS operating devices. Both devices look the same and have a basic operational process. According to the storage capacity, Photostick for mobile are three kinds. They are found in 8Gb, 64 Gb, and 128Gb. In an 8Gb photo stick for mobile, you can store 1634 images in average size. 

Photostick and Photostick Mobile Difference can give you a vivid idea about those two different devices. Those devices look the same, and their basic operational function is almost the same.

How to Use the Photostick Mobile

Photostick Mobile is an ingenious gadget that makes storing photos or different format files easier. This gadget doesn’t work only with pictures. It can store 13 types of different file formats. The Photostick Mobile reviewer is sometimes called a One-Click-Wonder because it just needs one click to do the Job. The process of using Photostick for mobile is easy and straightforward. Even if you are not a tech expert, you can use it after buying it. A kindergartener can also handle this gadget successfully. 

To help you, Here is a quick tutorial on how to use the Photostick Mobile. 

  1. Download the application of Photostick Mobile from Google Play Store or Apple store. 
  2. Connect the Photostick Mobile to your smartphone device through the port. 
  3. Open the Application and Click on “Back Up”
  4. Wait until the Photostick Mobile backup the file from your device. 
  5. Enjoy. Your backup is complete on the Mobile Photostick.

How the Photostick Mobile Works

We know that with built-in software, Photostick Mobile can find your photos, and you must be curious how this works, when you insert the gadget into your device that it starts back up automatically. It searches for the desired file format in all of your storage. It will search in every folder and every file which is compatible with it. By detecting them, it will transfer them over to the Photostick. This is an automatic process. You don’t have to sort them manually. 

Photostick will search for video and image files even when they are stored in the wrong place. It can store files for you that you thought had been lost from your phone. Photostick for mobile does not store multiple copies of a single file. So, with this device, you can maximize your storage capacity by transferring a single copy of a file. It works with different types of android and iOS versions of phones. And it can be found at a very low cost.

Benefits of the Photostick Mobile 

There are plenty of benefits of Photostick Mobile. Here we point out some that you might not know about. Let’s see_

  • You can connect it both to your phone or to your computer 
  • It doesn’t need any subscription or account to use it. 
  • Fast file transferring capacity and organizing capacity. 
  • To use this awesome gadget you don’t need to have an internet connection. 
  • It is not cloud-based storage. Your file and identity will be safe from online threats. 
  • Works with Android, iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch 
  • Easily photo transfer by Photostick Mobile to computer 
  • Save times to detect the specified files.

Where Can You Use It?

You must be confused about where to use Photostick Mobile. This gadget is made to be used especially anywhere. This is a very long-lasting and durable product. It can withstand any temperature or in different situations. It is also compatible with numerous devices and supportive of other computers and gadgets. You can use it in your home to store personal photos. Besides, when you work from home, you can use this device to keep your file safe and secure. This Photosticks for mobile is the perfect choice for the people who work with Photography.

Because they need to keep their photos ready all the time. Also, they need to store their portfolio in touch. It is sometimes very urgent to submit a portfolio to get a job. For storing such important documents, Photostick Mobile is the right kind of device. Because this is portable and lightweight, it can carry almost everywhere and doesn’t even take many spaces in your pocket.


The using method of Photo Stick Mobile is not a tricky job. It is easy and simple. If you follow our method you can easily connect it with your mobile. Follow the same kind of method for using it on Laptop or in Computer. 

In this article, we have tried to give you an overall overview of Photostick Mobile. We hope you will find this article beneficial for you. If you have further queries read our rest of the Article on Photostick Mobile on this website.