Making the Most out of Your Ice Fishing Excursion

If you pride yourself on being a skilled angler, you need to head north for a special fishing excursion. We are, of course, talking about the magical hobby that is ice fishing. If you’ve never sat down on a frozen lake in order to try to reel in some monsters of the deep, you are surely missing out. Lake Winnipeg is a hotspot for anglers from all throughout the world. Whether you are coming in the summer for a sunny day of fishing or you are coming during winter for the ice experience, you are going to need to be prepared.

Most Important Equipment For Ice Fishermen

Before you book your trip to Lake Winnipeg, you are going to want to take a moment in order to check your tackle box and fishing kit. Unlike a traditional day on the lake, dealing with winter’s chilly grip can be significantly more problematic. Dealing with ice during your fishing trip can be intimidating, but with the following equipment by your side, you will be sure to handle the issue with relative ease. Now, the following equipment suggestions are just suggestions. However, each piece of gear has been carefully selected in order to improve your experience as a newly minted ice fisherman.

1) Ice Auger – An ice auger is a specific tool used by ice fishermen and women. Used to drill into the ice, these augers are absolutely imperative to have with you as you head out to the lake. You can find both fueled powered and manual powered augers. Powered augers will quickly drill holes, thus saving you time and effort. Hand-crank augers are significantly cheaper, but they’ll cost you quite a bit of elbow grease. Consult with lake regulations before purchasing your auger as certain lakes do not allow certain sizes.

2) Optional Shelter – Now, if you’ve never spent an afternoon on an icy lake, you don’t really know what ‘cold’ is. However, if you decide to add a pop-up tent to your fishing kit, you’ll be able to avoid that cold for a little longer. Eskimo, Otter, and Clam all distribute cost-effective pop-up tents that are lightweight and easy to install. If you are fishing with children, these tents are going to be basically required.

3) Specialized Rods – While you can use any fishing rod during your fishing trip up north, you’ll still want to have an ice-friendly fishing rod. The primary difference between your generic fishing rod and an ice-friendly rod is going to be the pole length. A shorter fishing rod is more sensitive to bites, thus more easily alerting the fisherman. Additionally, specialty ice rods are also easier to operate in confined spaces like a small opening. You’ll also want to consider adding an extra-strength fishing line to your tackle box in case the cold causes an unfortunate snap.

Taking a trip to Lake Winnipeg for a cold and icy fishing experience is something that you will always remember. Hopefully, with the gear listed above, your memory will be a good one!

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