New Generation Desk Are At Your Dispersal – Know the Benefits of Electric Standing Desk

The modern technology is reflected in every field and provides ultimate benefits making life easier and simple to live – whether it is your home or office. The work environment is seen taking a toll on our health.

The workplace and the working habits have lead to various health issues in people. The most common among them is back pain, stress on eyes and lack of energy which results in heart problem, depression and slow down of self-sustained life.

The modern office is paying attention to the health issues and started adopting new methods to provide wellness of the workforce. The standing desk is one such option which encourages people to avoid sitting for long hours, reduces its negative outcome and enhances overall productivity.

Mentioned below are benefits of the new generation desks available in numerous options and styles – out of which the electric one has gained popularity.

Enhanced stability

The PrimeCables electric standing desk is scientifically designed and crafted with sturdy frames including steel crossbar. The company is known to incorporate ergonomic solution in your working desk that is backed by scientific research.

Simple adjustment

With the electronic controls, the desk can be adjusted precisely to suit your height and comfort level. It can be adjusted to suit the sitting or standing position without disrupting your desk.

Easy assembly

The desk can be assembled easily in minutes without professional help or any kind of special tools. This indirectly saves your time and finance.

Besides the technical benefits, the following health benefits it provides should also be considered utmost important.

Control obesity and weight gain

The difference in calorie intake and calorie burning results in weight gain and obesity. By sitting along your desk and working, you don’t burn calories. Research has shown that standing at noon can result in additional calorie burning.

Reduction in Sugar levels

Studies have shown that sugar levels increase with the intake of every meal. As compared to sitting after each lunch, standing for approximately 180 minutes can reduce the spikes of blood sugar by 43%.

Lowers the heart disease risk

It is a worldwide fact – that spending more time sitting and office work raises the risk of heart disease. With the help of modern tools attached to your electric standing desk, you can monitor the time you have been standing and vice versa.

Reduces back pain

Prolonged sitting habits in today’s culture results in chronic back pain. Several studies have proved that using the standing desk gradually results in reducing back pain.

Improve mood and productivity

The overall well-being is improved by working for few hours in the standing position. It also results in enhancing productivity by reducing the feeling of fatigue and stress.

Thus, the workplace has become more acquainted to the benefits of electrical standing desk.