Remove the virus from your computer with antivirus

Antivirus is a program that is used to protect your computer system from virus. A computer system without an antivirus will most definitely get infected with the virus as soon as the computer is connected to the internet. However, it is not necessary that the antivirus will remove all the viruses. But, there are fewer chances of system damage with the protection of a Virus scanner [ตัวสแกนไวรัส, which is the term in Thai]. There are loa t of factors that needs to be considered when you are selecting an antivirus to ensure the safety of your computer. Virus is a threat for your personal data, identity, and financial transactions. Hence, it is necessary that you ensure the safety of your online activities.

How to diagnose a virus in your computer system?

  • The computer system becomes sluggish and laggy when it is attacked by a virus or malware. It slows down the speed of your computer as if there is a software running in the background which is chewing up the resources.
  • Your computer system starts acting weird by directing your search to some site that is unrecognizable. It keeps redirecting to sites that are of no use to you but can cause severe damage to your system.
  • Your search will show advertisements, even those who are not necessary. The advertisements are shown at places where you don’t expect one.
  • Your computer will redirects you spam advertising pages. Thus making it difficult for you to undertake the search.
  • You may find an unknown toolbar on your browser which has not been installed by you. These toolbars usually claim to make your search process easy.

Points to consider while selecting an antivirus software

  • Usability: The antivirus software should be user-friendly. If the software is not user-friendly, it will become very difficult for the user to make use of the software. It will increase the chances of operator error if it is not user-friendly. People may even quit using the software.
  • Quality of protection: The quality of protection is one of the major factors that need to be considered in selecting the antivirus software. The software should be adaptable to operate under changing environment, i.e., different viruses like worms, Trojans, and adware.
  • Reliability: It is another factor that should be kept in mind when purchasing antivirus software. If the protection provided to the data is of no use, there is no point in purchasing useless antivirus software. The user should be able to rely on the protection from the antivirus.