Storage Systems For Pallets With Direct Access

In this article, we review the storage systems for pallets with direct access.

Conventional Pallet

The standard pallet is the pallet storage system more versatile in a storage unit. The width between the shelves should allow the counterbalanced trucks to maneuver; it is the type of vehicle with which you get fewer seats.

  • The conventional palletizing system is especially advisable in installations where one or several of these circumstances occur.
  • Management of numerous references and few pallets for each of them.
  • A great movement of goods.
  • It is necessary to carry out picking operations in which the units are directly collected shelves.
  • The accommodation of bulky products is required.

Its use is also appropriate in a small storage unit, where the most consumed products do not represent a considerable number of pallets. In the case of combining it with other systems, conventional palletizing is perfect for locating products with medium and low demand.Check them out here.

Conventional Pallet With Reach Truck

The use of reach trucks in the handling of pallets requires narrower aisles than with counterbalanced, and the load can be maneuvered higher so that higher shelves can be installed. All this facilitates taking advantage of the available space and, consequently, increasing the storage capacity.

Conventional Pallet With Trilateral Trolley

To further increase the capacity of a traditional palletizing installation, the reach trucks can be replaced by trilateral forklifts. This type of lorries need even narrower aisles and can operate up to 15 meters high, which means being able to install more shelves and taller.

From this system, there is a variation with which greater efficiency and less need for personnel (and associated costs) are obtained, which consists of replacing the trilateral trolley with an automatic trilateral trans-elevator.

Conventional Palletizing On Mobile Bases

This system presents characteristics of conventional palletizing but facilitates the compaction of the shelves, providing the installation with a higher storage capacity. Hence, it does not need to have as many corridors as in the case of the conventional solution. In fact, with a single work corridor, you can access several shelves.

With this solution, you can achieve an increase in storage capacity of between 80% and 120% concerning static shelving, although moving the structures penalizes the agility of the operation.

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