The Best Place to Eat in Lake Toba Indonesia

Although the food in Lake Toba is not the kind of fine-dining quality, the local food, especially in the small tuk-tuk restaurant, is delicious, affordable, and varied. The food provided surrounding Lake Toba is for hungry travelers who spend a day exploring, hiking and swimming in the hot springs heated by the volcano before returning into the lake. The meals provided include traditional Batak dishes, typical Indonesian cuisine, and Western dishes.

What can you expect

Many local cafes and restaurants are attached to one of the hotels or inns, so it is more accessible and easy to find a delicious and picturesque place to enjoy delicious food. The 5-star restaurant is not a real choice here. However, the authentic traditional cuisine, smiling service; and peaceful lake views makes up for what Lake Toba lacks.

The Batak people are very hospitable and amiable people. Customers can often taste fresh fish that was just caught from the lake in many restaurants in the city. Fortunately, most of the restaurants on Lake Toba offer a mix of local and international dishes on their menus, allowing all types of travelers to leave satisfied.

Local Restaurant

For those who are tight on budget but have big appetite, head to Poppy’s Restaurant for a very affordable steaming plate of Indonesian fried rice, rendang (a spicy Indonesian meat dish), or even hearty American breakfasts served with stunning views of the lake. Espresso, fresh fruit, and juices are also very popular. Poppy`s also allows guests to exchange second-hand books, which is ideal for travelers who have completed their reading. You are estimated to need to pay about IDR 30,000 for a meal.

The better restaurants, cafes and restaurants on Lake Toba are located along the Tuk-Tuk tourist spot, and Maruba restaurant is one of places to eat local food you can go to.  Affordable, lovingly home made and beautifully presented.  The food here at Maruba is absolutely delightful.  This family-owned restaurant serves Batak, Indonesian and Western food, so every taste and desire is well catered for.  Fresh herbs are ground for curries, bread is made in house, and avocados are even picked from the tree!  Be sure to try the napi nadir, a traditional Batak curry made with coconut milk and grilled chicken.  Everything from fresh fruit to burgers to lobster is served and we find that we keep coming back again and again.

Travelers who want to enjoy a charming, memorable, and private dining experience should head to the famous Jenny’s restaurant. The couple Jenny and Rinto created an unforgettable dining experience for customers. Jenny prepares 5-star quality food at an affordable price, while Rinto uses his guitar to hum and entertain the guests. The atmosphere is  truly magical. Grilled dishes, Wiener Schnitzel, and curries are all Jenny’s specialties, but to be fair, the entire menu is a chef-kiss. Fresh papaya or chocolate banana pancakes from the garden are great dessert options to end the night.


Tourists who love local markets should note that Saturday is Parapat market day, and you just need a short ferry ride from Tuk-Tuk. Strange smells linger in the air, children run, and goods are scattered on the floor in delicious and unusual orders. Here you can find freshly caught seafood, dried noodles, fresh fruits, rice wine, live chickens in the basket, and smiles from the locals. This is a great place for travelers who like to dine like a local and fully immerse themselves in the new culture that surrounds them.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.