The Hidden Powers of the Jasper Stone

Historically depicted to have high value, precious stones have been the stuff of myths and legends. Pearls with wish-granting abilities are associated with dragons. Diamonds are associated with Cupid’s arrows. Onyx is said to come from the divine fingernails of Venus, the goddess of love. Related to acts of hedonism, Dionysus, the god of wine, is said to have been linked to how amethysts are formed. The purple hue of amethysts is said to have been stained with the god of wine’s tears.

Another revered precious stone is the jasper. This precious stone was once believed to be a source of protection by warriors. One kind of jasper, the Atlantis Stone, one of the crowd favorites, can only be mined during low tide. This stone is said to have a connection to Atlantis, a mystical island with an advanced Utopian civilization.

One of its rarest kinds is the green jasper, which has had a high value even thousands of years ago. Today, jasper can be seen mostly as an accessory fashioned into necklaces or earrings. An armband adorned with a jasper stone is worn to bring mystical and healing powers.

Jasper in the Old Times

The multitude of colors of the Jasper stone is one of the reasons why it has been a favorite for thousands of years. Jasper comes in blacks, yellows, browns, reds, greens, and even whites. Throughout history, jasper is used to help hone in on its properties. In particular, black jasper has been used as a scrying stone. Formerly worn to prevent curses and threats in old times, this color jasper is worn when working in high-risk conditions. 

Perhaps ecological warriors may find affinity in wearing brown jasper. This color not only encourages a deep connection with nature but also is believed to diminish sudden bursts of fear or anger. The healers also use brown jasper as access to karmic healing.

The Powers of Jasper

Just like with all precious stones, jasper is believed to have healing powers. This precious stone is believed to bring to be one of the most powerful in terms of realigning thought and emotional processes and rejuvenating the body. For example, rainbow jasper is known to be the most wholesome. Worn as an armband, this multi-colored jasper is said to bring balance to the body. If you have a procrastination habit, the rainbow jasper may inspire you to work and organize your overactive mind.

If you are the skeptic kind, the Dalmatian jasper speckled in pale gray or shades of brown and black is said to counter disillusionment. You may find yourself thinking more clearly and making better decisions by wearing this stone. Coupled with clarity, this jasper is also said to strengthen relationships. 

The yellows and browns of the Mookaite jasper with reddish tones are said to increase life force in the body. For this reason, pregnant women believe that this precious stone facilitates communication with their unborn child.

For those wishing to align their creative vision, the so-called picture jasper has bands in flowing patterns of blue, black, brown, and ivory. You may also find yourself wearing this particular stone when you need boosts of confidence during meetings or public speaking. Those wishing to venture into business may also wear the picture jasper, which is also said to promote entrepreneurship. 

The perfect flow of circles seen in the orbicular jasper is believed to encourage steadiness and patience. Perhaps as a symbol of the karmic cycle, the circles displayed in this stone also represent accepting responsibility. Those with a lot of work may find focus upon wearing this jasper as it is said to help get things done. Perhaps you’ll find yourself breezing through the day’s work in a short time.

The colors of brown, yellow, black, and white as associated with the poppy jasper is believed to bring joy. This stone, which is said to stimulate passion and intensity, is perhaps the reason why people wear them in the creative field to stimulate the flow of fresh ideas.

Are you feeling overwhelmed? Some people may find peace by wearing red jaspers. This form of jasper is a major defense from sorrow or disappointment. It will help you realign your energies in the here and now and may help you understand that feelings are temporary.

The healing properties of precious stones are believed to be effective. Whether used as a refocusing tool or inspiration, there is a reason why some traditions persist through time— Perhaps the reason why these are still around is that they do work.