The Importance of Emojis in Communication

The growing internet technology introduced a technique in communication that we now call emojis. It’s an icon that represents our feelings such as smiley, heart, kiss, and a thumbs up emoji to express our thoughts and feelings, to help us make our messages more personal. Those are just samples of emojis, and there are hundreds more.

Conversing through text messages or online has made a significant impact on human communication. Talking to a person face-to-face will involve verbal communication, which means that the way a person sounds affects the meaning of those words. The volume, intonation, and placing stress on specific words can affect the interpretation of the recipient ultimately.

Also, non-verbal signs or body language can reinforce or alter the person’s message. But if you are talking to someone through texting or chatting, then emojis can help you deliver what you mean when you say something. Emojis are sets of face, hands, and other icons that symbolizes somethings. So here is the importance of emojis in communications.

Gives Life to Your Message

One of the most common reasons why many people place emojis in their messages is that they can directly deliver the meaning of the word to the recipient. Imagine sending a sarcastic message to your friend without an emoji, of course, that person won’t understand the message that you want to deliver. With no upside-down, winking, or silly-face emoji, the person that you are sending your message won’t appreciate your sarcasm.

Even if you send an emoji without a text, that person will quickly understand what you want to express. It is very convenient since there is no eye-to-eye contact, sounds, body language, and anything that can alter the meaning of a message, you can just quickly understand the meaning of the message, and you don’t have to misinterpret words.

It Expresses Your Thoughts and Feelings

Sending a message to a person with emoji is like reading your face because it is what you feel. What your message conveys is also what your emoji should be. The best example is when you are sad, and when you send a sad emoji to another person even without a message, the recipient will know what you feel and will try to comfort you. That’s also an advantage when you use emojis to your message, no need to explain furthermore because emojis will automatically deliver what you think and what you feel.

If you want to send a sweet message to someone, you might want to add a heart or kiss emoji to that person. If you want that person to know that you fancy him or her, you can insert heart-eyes emoji. If you are going to laugh hard to a funny message from your friend, reply to them a message with laughing emojis. That shows how useful emojis can be, it strengthens communication, and it brings convenience to our lives.

Adds Style to Your Messages

Now, people are more into style than just something dull. They prefer to put style on everything, especially when it comes to messaging. While there are GIFs and stickers, not every messaging platform can read those types of messages. Even though those are greats things to add to your messages, you can use emojis in many devices and apps.

Your boring way of messaging will become more fun and interactive, thanks to emojis. You can always send your message with emojis that you want, but make sure that those emojis are what you feel. Conversations can now be more colorful than your usual dull way of messaging.


Now that you know the importance of emojis in our lives, you can now start messaging with emojis to make it more fun. You can show the recipients what you feel and your thoughts so that you can communicate more interactively.