The Pros and Cons of Renting a Furnished Property

Moving into a new property can be extremely exciting, but also there is a lot that you need to sort out prior to moving. Moving into an already furnished apartment in Malaysia can be extremely helpful and takes a lot of pressure off the move, but it can also come with its downsides too. These properties in Rumah Melaka come either furnished or unfurnished, meaning you have the option to go with either. Although if you are still not sure on which to go for, here are the pros and cons of renting a furnished property.

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Highly convenient: Moving into an already furnished property is extremely convenient and makes the moving process much easier for you. It will require you to bring less stuff with you from your old property and ultimately means you will spend less time packing and unpacking. Having less stuff to bring with you will make your whole moving process much quicker, and it also means you will find places for all of your stuff in your new home easily.

Lower upfront cost: If renting a property without furniture, you have to bring your own furniture from your old property with you or even purchase new furniture. Both of these options can cause you a lot of hassle and can also be extremely expensive. Moving furniture typically requires you to hire a moving van or getting help from removal men from a moving company. Or if you opt to buy new furniture this can result in a large upfront cost for you, on top of the costs that you have already paid for your new property. These costs can be avoided when renting a furnished property. 

No commitments: As you may be aware, buying furniture for a new place is not only stressful and expensive, but it is also a big commitment. When you fork out a lot of money for new bedroom, kitchen or living room furniture it typically means you will have them for life, if not a couple of years. Our taste and style change over time, meaning it can be expensive every time you want to change up your furniture. Renting a property that is already furnished means you are not committed to this furniture, meaning you can switch things up as and when you want. 

Greater flexibility: Another benefit of renting a furnished property is that it gives you greater flexibility. Furnished apartments typically come with short term leases, meaning you can move out after only a short couple of months. Short term rentals offer you the freedom and flexibility to move whenever and to wherever you want. 


Higher rent: One of the main downsides to renting a property that is already furnished is that the rent is generally higher. Although you are saving a lot of initial up up-front costs, you actually end up spending more money in the long run. This because of the higher price you will have to pay for rent each month. It has probably cost your landlord a lot of money to furnish this property, therefore they will need to make this money back from you. As a tenant you may also be required to pay a larger security fee. This fee acts a deposit in order to protect the property and the furniture within it.

Not personalised: Another con to moving into a property that is already furnished is that it may not be to your taste and style. As just mentioned, furnished properties are usually done up by a landlord. This means that you won’t get to select the furniture and fittings that go into the property. You may be lucky and find a furnished property that suits your styles and taste, although it won’t be personalised. This means that it won’t contain items that you have picked out, and that show off your style and character. It can sometimes be hard for tenants to add their personalised touch to a furnished property, and they can often find it hard to make them a comfortable and cosy place to live in.

Fewer choices: Properties that are furnished nicely are few and far between, and you may find it difficult to find a fully furnished property in your area. Moving into a furnished property requires you to look a little harder when searching for a new place to live. Many properties don’t come furnished anymore, due to everyone’s personal style and the costs involved. Therefore, you will have fewer properties that are available to chose from. 

Hopefully this list has helped you to weigh up the pros and cons of furnished properties and you will now be more aware of what goes into moving into a furnished property, helping you to make your decision.