The Tech Tools Every Graphic Designer Needs

Whether you’re a design noob looking for tips or a veteran looking to upgrade their system, here’s a list of the best graphic design and architecture tools and devices that will help you bring your best to your passion project. While your tools don’t need to cost an arm and a leg to add genuine value, you do need to look for durable and reliable devices that might cost you a bit more, but that will prove to be an investment well worth undertaking in the long run. 

Ergonomic and Adjustable Chairs and Desk 

Let’s start at the very beginning. And let’s get real! Those of us that love designing will spend hours hunched over. Adjustable, ergonomically-designed chairs and desks can help prevent strain and injuries such as shoulder pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, neck pain, and permanent back ache. Spending some time over this important part of your design journey is well worth the effort.  

Sturdy Computer System and Storage

Hand-in-hand with good ergonomics is a reliable workstation. There are many design-specific desktop systems such as the which have a number of built-in features such as large, high definition monitors, optical drives, and touch screen to aid the work of designers and architects. Look for a desktop that suits your speed and storage needs. You can also look into adding an external hard drive or even a wireless flash drive that does not need to be connected to your computer or laptop via a USB port. 

Tablet and Stylus Pen

The device that elevates the work of any designer or architect, a stylus pen with a tablet is a neat addition to your system to enable digital drawing on a smooth, glass expanse. Stylus pens offer precision designing and a natural feel. They can help make your animations more detailed and make it easier to add visual effects, thanks to the pressure-sensitive feature of the pen and tablet.

Digital Camera and/or Add-on lenses

A good DSLR camera helps you capture high resolution, precise images and videos. If you don’t want to add to the long list of devices, you can instead get add-on lenses for your smartphone

3D Pens

3D design pens that allow you to create three-dimensional art, models, and wearable items can be a very useful tool if you’re looking to translate your design into a miniature model. 3D pens help you easily spot possible problems in your design.

High-end Smartphone

A high-end smartphone might be worth spending some cash on, since it is a versatile tool for you when you’re on the move, a veritable creative suite unto itself. The camera function itself makes it well worth the money, but the larger screen, resolution, and the long battery life are huge pluses for your work too.

The above tools will ensure your work remains top-notch while reducing your physical strain and stress. Look around for the best brands that offer great value within your budget. You can start slow, instead of burning a hole in your pocket trying to assemble everything at once. You can then gradually build a complete ecosystem of the right devices and tools for your design projects over a period of time.