Tips for Finding an Apartment on Rent

It is never easy to find the perfect apartment for yourself. The whole task in itself is daunting and often challenging. More so, the fact that for a single place, you may actually be competing with so many other people makes it all the more challenging. There are so many things that go into it. From planning the location where you need the apartment to look for the best real estate broker, it will not be easy. Sadly, a lot of apartment seekers wait until the very last minute to find the perfect apartment.

Consequently, they barely get time to research and end up settling with whatever they can get their hands on. But, you know what? Finding an apartment on rent is a drill. So, here, in this article, we will discuss with you some tips that can streamline the process for you. So, let us get started and address these tips one by one.

Begin your search at least 60 days in advance

The best rentals go at the beginning of the month in terms of amenities, location, and price. Thus, it would be best if you never waited until mid-month to find a place for rent. Ideally, you must start your research with rental market trends in Charlotte, North Carolina at least two months in advance before you finally move to a new place. This is all the more important when looking for a rental property in an area close to your school, college, or workplace, or someplace where several options are not available. 

In renting, the third and even the second weekend of the month is the busiest. So, it is ideal to start the research on the first weekend of the month. You will have very little competition during that time, and you can most definitely find a property that fits your budget. 

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Look for some rental apartments online

The trend says, approximately ninety percent of the apartment seekers begin their research online on platforms such as Zillow or Craigslist. As a matter of fact, online is indeed the best way to search. Therein, you can find the idea of what all amenities and localities can fit in your budget. This is also a fair way to get an idea of the market price. The problem is when you move abroad or to an entirely different city. In this case, the rental sites won’t help you enough. They will surely give you an idea of the prices, but not enough on how good, or bad the neighbourhood is, and the accessibility of grocery stores, transportation, etc. 

Hire a real estate broker

Even though real estate brokers will charge you some commission, they are definitely one of the best people to reach out if you need the best apartment in the locality of your choice and in your budget. However, the key is to look for a broker who has been in a business for a while. He better understands the area and the properties. 

Further, suppose you are searching for an apartment in an area that has stiff competition. In that case, you can talk to two or three agents before you confirm one because, typically, different brokers and agents have a different equation with the buildings and apartments. So, look for an agent with the easiest access to the apartment or neighbourhood you desire to rent. 

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Do not be prey to scams

If you are new to apartment hunting, this advice is crucial for you. Internet is full of online scams. This also includes the ads on otherwise reliable platforms like Craigslist, which require you to input your credit card details or pay a small fee to see the insides of the apartment. Please remember that when you want to get something on rent, there is obviously someone else who wants to put their property on rent. So, it is a mutual benefit situation, and whenever both the parties are benefiting, there is no unnecessary fee involved. Hence, any ad that requires you to pay a deposit to see the apartment is inevitably a scam.  

Further, you must also be cautious if you are renting an apartment from an individual directly. In this situation, you trust someone (a complete stranger) with your private details, such as bank account information, SSN, etc. With these details, they may check your credit score. Why would you want to put yourself in the complications? Instead, hire a licensed and a bonded broker, and let him handle the task for you. 

Find a roommate

If you are tight on the budget but do not want to compromise on the locality and the amenities, having a roommate can be a good option. On the other hand, if you are shifting to an apartment on sharing basis that already is occupied by someone, you must make it a point to get to know your roommate in advance. Also, ensure that the landlord drafts separate leases for you and your cohabitant. Why is this important? See if you are bound in a joint lease, and say the rent is 2500 USD. In this case, if, for any reason, your roommate fails to pay their share, you will be liable to bear the whole amount.

On the other hand, if you have a separate lease, you will be liable solely for your share. If you do not know your roommate, you can ask the landlord for some references. You can also search for them on social media platforms.  

So, these are the five most valuable tips that can help you find an apartment for rent. Have more such tips to add? Do let us know in the comment box below.