Top Four Things to Laminate

With the internet taking over, society is beginning to forget little tips and tricks that made physical life better. Some businesses understand the necessity of protecting what is real.

USI Laminate is a premier manufacturer of laminate film and seeks to protect and preserve items in our physical lives. For a better life, consider these following tips. Here are our top four things to laminate.

Protect your Important Notes

People make mistakes, and sometimes those mistakes involve spilling water all over a semester worth of notes or notes from an important client for your business. When this happens, it can be devastating. It can send you back hours, weeks, or even months. Thankfully, it does not have to happen.

Laminating important notes and documents is a good idea. It can prevent these kinds of accidents from occurring, safeguarding your hard work. Ultimately, it will keep you working at your best.

Expand your Child’s Artwork

Children love to draw. But unfortunately, they can be messy like their parents. It is a shame when these works of art are destroyed. We all have some macaroni art creations laying around somewhere. Laminating your child’s artwork helps to protect the artwork, but it has other added benefits. Particularly, it helps your child to have more fun.

Cartoonists from the early 1900s used to create their films by layering their characters over a painted background. With lamination, you can do this for your child too! Have them paint a landscape, house, or country, then laminate it and your child will have a background for all their foreground creations.

Immortalize a Photo Album

Technology is meant to help us remember everything, but that seems come at a price. We only remember what the computer deems important—things like business meetings or email addresses. This leaves off what is actually important: life events.

Nobody looks back on photos anymore, which is shocking considering the amount of photos we take. This is because photo albums have moved online, making them less accessible and personal. Fight this trend and create something that matters by laminating photos into a photo album.

Improve your Kitchen

It is the bane of all chefs, cooks, and stay at home moms. Kitchens are notorious for being full of spills and clutter. The constant mess and clutter can make it hard to work efficiently. Fortunately, lamination can help to solve this dilemma.

By laminating labels, your kitchen can start to become more organized and less cluttered. Collect some mason jars and attach a laminated label to them to effectively store spices and grains. Additionally, laminating recipes can help you to prepare food. Without fear of damaging your great-grandma’s stroganoff recipe, you can be free to cook as you please.