Purchase Guard Review – The Safe Way to Resolve Disputes Online        

If you have been shopping online, you are probably familiar with the various disputes that may arise between online shoppers and merchants. Some common ones include purchases being flagged as fraudulent, goods being delivered in poor conditions, items falling short of the descriptions provided online, and wrong items being delivered, among other issues. Such disputes make it necessary to have services which can assist resolve them in a quick and fairly manner. Purchase Guard, at purchase-guard.com, is one of the leading dispute mediation service providers that helps online merchants and shoppers resolve disputes as they emerge. Below is our Purchase Guard review, focusing on what is the service (and platform) about and how useful it is to both online shoppers and merchants.                           

What is Purchase Guard?

Purchase Guard is an online dispute resolution platform that facilitates mediation between online merchants and shoppers in the event of a dispute. When online merchants and buyers have a dispute of some kind over a transaction, the situation can quickly escalate because both parties have partisan interests in the outcomes. In such cases, Purchase Guard’s impartial intervention is required to help the parties negotiate a solution that is acceptable to both parties. For instance, if a transaction has been flagged as fraudulent, Purchase Guard can launch an investigation to determine if the transaction was genuinely fraudulent, and if indeed the product was not delivered in good condition (for example), Purchase Guard will negotiate for a replacement or a refund. Overall, Purchase Guard’s main goal is to ensure a safer shopping experience online.  


So, How the Process Works? 

Using the services of Purchase Guard is quite straightforward. Below is a guide on how the process works.

  1. Sign up at Purchase guard. The registration is free, and it takes just a few minutes. All you have to do is to provide basic personal information such as email, name, and phone number.
  2. Log in to your account, and using the intuitive form, enter all the necessary information about the transaction you have an issue with. Upload the supporting documents you may be having and any other evidence available (optional but recommended) to ensure that Purchase Guard’s representatives have all the information they may need for the upcoming negotiations.
  3. After this, Purchase Guard will contact the merchant to start negotiating on your behalf and work towards an acceptable solution.  
  4. A purchase guard representative will then contact you to inform you about the resolution. If it is acceptable, the case will be closed, and you will get a refund, a replacement, or any other compensation that has been agreed upon. If you are not happy with the outcomes of the negotiations, Purchase Guard will then renegotiate the contested parts of the agreement until a satisfactory resolution is reached.

Why Use Purchase Guard?   

Using Purchase Guard can be a much simpler and effective way of dealing with disputes arising from online transactions. Below is a rundown of reasons why you should use Purchase Guard instead of engaging your card issuer or bank directly when disputes arise.  

Speedy Resolution

Proving on your own that a merchant did not deliver the goods as agreed and you deserve to get compensation, a refund, or a replacement can be quite a time-consuming issue. Therefore, using Purchase Guard’s services can save you a lot of time.    

Prevent Escalation

When you engage directly with an online merchant, the chances of escalation are quite high because merchants are unlikely to accept the blame easily. Hiring the services of Purchase Guard will go a long way in ensuring that you settle online disputes efficiently, without making the fur fly.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that if you have bought something online and there is a dispute about that purchase, the best way to handle it is to raise your issue with a third-party service such as Purchase Guard, which acts as a bridge between online shoppers and merchants, all the way until a mutually acceptable agreement is achieved.