Transform Your Home with Effortless Home Decor Hacks

Home is a place where you find ultimate peace. Whether you are a travel freak or like chilling out for several hours, you’d always look forward to coming back home, no matter what. For a place that you can call yours, and where you can be your true self, you should most definitely make efforts to deck it as beautifully as possible.

It, however, might seem like a herculean task to plan a transformation but as Emily Dickinson rightly said, “One step at a time is all it takes to get you there”; you can adopt simple and minimalist ways to bring a gradual change and make your home a perfect abode. Take the guide to these home decor hacks and prettify your home with ease.

Canopy in The Bedroom

No matter how small your bedroom is, you can create a canopy bed. Add dreamy curtains and a small chandelier from the coronet for an overwhelmingly luxe feel. You can opt for contrast shades in the room or simply give it a minimalist touch with subtle pastel shades.

Bring Nature Home

Add enough liveliness to your space in the form of plants, paintings and pets. This will create a positive aura and also add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Add plants or paintings in one of the most drab corners of the room or create a pet’s spot in one of those corners.

Declutter Often

We often accumulate a lot of things over a period of time. It can be clothes, utensils or home essentials. However, we often forget to discard them unless really needed. Avoid this approach. Remove the unwanted stuff every four to six months to make the room more airy and conditioned.

Change The Lighting

Lighting plays a great role in transforming the look of a space. The kind of lighting undeniably, decides the whole look. So, you can add a fancy lighting to your gallery or your bedroom for a different appeal.

Fix A Reading Nook

You can spot a corner and furnish it with a bistro table and chair. Else you can also throw a rug and some pillows, add soft lights and fix a shelf in that corner. You can always sit in that nook with a book and a cup of coffee to feel sublime and blissful. 

Just Rearrange

Sometimes, you don’t have to add something extra but only rearrange the home to achieve a fresh look. So, change the position of the bed, paintings, television or the dining table and you’ll find the fresh vibes in your old space.

Introduce A New Decor Item

Rather than planning something on a larger scale, you can simply add new home decor items to break the monotony of the space. Add a Buddha centrepiece, a photo frame, caricatures or hanging photos to help the room stand out.

Add A Seating 

Sitting on the couch, watching a movie and gobbling some popcorn…Quite usual? You can add some floor pillows and rugs around without hurting the old setting. Keep it simple and sleek.

A Statement Wall

A statement wall can surprisingly make a traditional space more eclectic. A geometric wall or an abstract painting can instantly spruce up the space. You can also colour plates and hang them or place a mirror with background shade and call it a day.

Often underestimated but a home decor plan is essential for every house you wish to call home. So, with these effortless home decor tips, add vibrancy to your space like never before. 

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