Unique City Bike & Frame Color Pairings

A city bike is a convenient and fun way to get around and show off your style. When choosing a hybrid bike or beach cruiser for sale, you have options for frame colors and accents. Make an impression on a womens light purple beach cruiser or get inspired by the following pairings of city bike styles and colorways.

Cruisers with Vintage Flair

Cruisers are popular for casual city riding. This type of bike is designed for easy pedaling with an upright seating position that minimizes the impact of riding on joints, pedals positioned so you can fully extend your legs and thick tires. You may prefer a cruiser bike for leisure rides, informal exercise or running errands.

Get a classic look by selecting a cruiser with a white, black or navy blue frame. For a trendier ride, consider a mint green cruiser bike or shades such as coral, pastel blue or light yellow. Whether you prefer an eye-catching shade or a conventional color combination, you can choose a cruiser bike with a matching or contrasting frame, fender, chainguard, saddle and handlebar grips. Other features such as whitewall tires and any accessory mounts also contribute to the style of a cruiser.

Hybrids in Contrasting Shades

Hybrid bikes combine the features of road and mountain bikes in a more versatile city bike build. Some styles draw more on cruiser styling while others are better for off-road riding. Choose a single, three, seven or 21-speed hybrid bike. This type of bike is suitable for commuters or more rigorous cycling.

A wide variety of frame color choices are available for hybrid designs. Beyond the primary frame color, accents and accessories also affect the overall look of a bike. Hybrid bike colorways may include lighter and darker shades of the same color. Select a hybrid style suitable for the way you plan to ride, whether you rely on your bike for exercise, commuting in comfort or off-road riding.

Innovative Frame Design

Frame design is one of the most important factors for city riding. Look for an ergonomic frame and consider the option of a step-through design for easier mounting and dismounting. No matter which bike you choose, you should be able to pedal comfortably. Some styles make it possible for a rider to put his or her feet flat on the ground while stopped for comfort and safety. If you plan to ride on urban streets, you should also select a bike that has a cushioned seat for shock absorption.

A cruiser, comfort, commuter or hybrid bike may have the frame features you want. Most bikes come in standard shades such as black and blue. Other color options may be available depending on whether you are considering a men’s or women’s bike and the type of bike you choose. Once you pick a bike build, it’s time to select a frame color and accents. Whether you prefer a cruiser with vintage styling, a hybrid with a striking combination of shades or a timeless bike, the colorways you choose can make your ride stand out.