Choosing Between a Split System or a Ducted Air Conditioning for Your Home 

Summer is fast-approaching, and you need to make your home ready before the hot season strikes. Getting an air-cooling system is the best way to beat the heat if your home is not well-ventilated. Buying this appliance is a significant yet worthy investment that you should make unless you want to be stuck sweating under your roof. 

When you do your shopping, you will have three options– window, split type, and ducted air conditioning. This article will guide you in making an informed decision for your summer buy. 

Window air conditioner

The window air conditioner is the most common form of cooling systems. As its name suggests, it is typically mounted two meters on the wall, with its front panel being evident to the people in the room. Old units used to be mechanically controlled, but now most of the models feature a remote system with a digital panel display. 

This type of air conditioner works by having its fan cool the rooms as it blows over the evaporator. At the same time, it makes the heat in the room dissipate by drawing it out to the external environment. While this method is generally effective in small spaces, it will have problem cooling down rooms bigger than 25 sqm. 

Split system air conditioner

The split system air conditioner is a more powerful type of cooling appliance as it can reach over 40 sqm. It is more efficient than the window-type air conditioner because its compressor can pressurize a higher volume of gas. Once this gas is processed, it is then converted to liquid which is once again pressurized to become gas again. 

The outcome is a cooler air which circulates outside the vent of the split system air conditioner. This cold air will flow around the room unless the thermostat stops the process because the required temperature is reached. 

Just like the window air conditioner, the split system is also very obtrusive, so home-owners need to find a place for them to fit in. Generally, it would be best if you placed it three to four meters above the floor so that it can do its job efficiently. 

Ducted air conditioner

Ducted air conditioning is the most efficient way to lower the temperature of large houses. It has a central unit that provides ventilation to all the installed ducts in your home. Unlike the other air conditioning systems, its reach is not just a specific area in the house; when you turn on the central unit, the whole property ventilated.

Aside from its robust capability, another reason some people prefer this product is its pleasing aesthetics. It discreetly provides coolness since the air only comes out of the flat grill that is usually installed at the ceiling.

Many people mistakenly think that this type of conditioning system might be costly to their bill. However, the inverter included in all of its units makes it more energy-efficient than the other kinds, considering that they are providing ventilation to the whole house.

Installing an air conditioner is an effective way of beating the summer heat. The difference in these systems is the amount of space that they can cover efficiently. If you just want to release cold air to a room, then buying a window or a split system air conditioner would do. However, if you wish to provide a comfortable temperature for the entire house, getting a ducted air conditioner is the way to go. 

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