What to Look for in a Quality Box Trailer

Box trailers are one of the most versatile trailer types, capable of being used for a number of applications from moving possessions between houses to transporting tools for tradies and handymen. Box trailers are a great, low-cost option for transporting almost anything over long distances. But when it comes to looking at box trailers for sale, there are a few key traits and qualities you should be on the lookout for. This article will detail the most important things you should be mindful of when it comes to finding a quality box trailer.

Ease of Use

You wouldn’t be blamed for not having the ergonomics of a trailer in the front of your mind when looking at box trailers for sale, however, the ease of use of the trailer itself will play a big role in your overall experience and usage of the trailer. Consider the loading height of the trailer and whether it’s too low or high for you. You should be able to comfortably load the trailer without bending down too far, but it also shouldn’t be so high that you may need to lift your goods high above your shoulders, as this can be a major safety risk both to your body and the goods themselves. Also look for box trailers that have removable hinges and sides, which greatly increase the overall ease of use. A ramp is another great feature that greatly increases overall ergonomics. 

 High-Quality Materials

Any box trailers for sale that you’re considering should be made from high-quality steel and raw materials. This is because a box trailer will go through a great deal of natural wear and tear over its lifecycle, and you’ll want to purchase a trailer that can withstand transporting heavy goods over long distances for many years to come. Corrosion is common on trailers made from low grade materials, and this is usually what leads to them being scrapped prematurely. Depending on your location, box trailers for sale made from high-quality steel will be even more of a priority, as low-quality box trailers that are exposed to salt air ocean breezes can degrade more rapidly. 

New Wheels

Unfortunately, some trailer dealers will include sub-par or even second hand wheels with their trailers in order to maximise profits. Not only does this practice make the trailer somewhat unsafe and unsuitable for the road, but it also means that the buyer simply doesn’t get the full value of the trailer from the dealer. When looking at box trailers for sale, ensure the trailer comes with brand new tyres and be sure to ask questions regarding their slip resistance and noise rating. 

Payload Capacity

Arguably the most important aspect to be mindful of when it comes to looking at box trailers for sale is to be sure you’re purchasing a box trailer with an appropriate payload capacity for your goods. Payload is the carrying capacity of the trailer itself, not to be confused with the towing weight of the trailer for your towing vehicle. Depending on how light or heavy your goods are, the payload capacity can vary greatly. Even if the goods you’re attempting to transport aren’t particularly heavy, it’s a good idea to spend a little extra money to buy a box trailer with a bigger payload capacity just in case you need to transport heavier goods in the future.