WordPress 6.0: Here is What You Should Know

WordPress continues to be the most popular content management system for websites and blogs. Since its launch in 2003, the CMS has been updated several times to improve the functionality of websites based on it.  The system comes with excellent features that allow the drafting, scheduling and easy modification of the content. Websites based on WordPress are known to function efficiently and smoothly when they use and buy specialised WordPress hosting plans.  These plans include access of hundreds of WordPress themes and plugins that allow the smooth running of a website.

Moving Ahead with the Gutenberg Project: WordPress 6.0

The dominance of WordPress as the CMS is expected to remain with the introduction of its latest version WordPress 6.0 which comes with thousand enhancements and bug fixes. This new version is part of its Gutenberg project. While the first phase of this project involved the introduction of a new block editor that was released in Version 5.0, the second phase focuses on merging full site editing into WordPress thereby allowing block editing to the entire site and not just some pages and posts. 

The site editor introduced in WordPress 5.9 provides a way to edit the website globally by using blocks. The use of the block theme allows the building of content by customizing templates and template parts. The latest version includes improvement to the site editor with the availability of new blocks, patterns, and design tools. Another feature of the WordPress 6.0 is that it will improve the functionality of the features introduced in WordPress 5.9. Your web hosting provider can guide you about the new features that can make your website more efficient.

New Features of WordPress

When you buy web hosting plans for your WordPress site, here are some attractive additions to look out for: 

  • A new comment query block that can be individually edited to ensure that it matches the style of your website.
  • Post-Author Bio and Avatar Block- You can choose, style and post a post author bio and avatar block.
  • Front-end Style Switcher-It allows you to switch styles easily and change the look of your website.
  • A block lock- This allows you to lock blocks that you do not want anyone else to edit.
  • Improved Text Selection- The new update allows users to select text across multiple blocks.
  • Row Content Orientation- The update allows users to control the order and orientation of the rows from within the block editor.
  • Image Gallery Spacing- Users can now decide the spacing between each thumbnail image.
  • Easy Export of Your Block Theme to Other Websites
  • The Ease of Choosing Patterns-You can choose from a variety of patterns to match your theme and create content easily.

The new WordPress update is expected to make full site editing more manageable with advanced templated options, global styles, and other improvements. When you buy WordPress hosting now you will have patterns as the focal point of the whole content creation process. Your unlimited web hosting plans will provide you access to not only the WordPress site builder but also hundreds of design tools, new blocks, accessibility and ease of operations.