Why Cheeky Bikinis Are Rising In Popularity

Why Cheeky Bikinis Are Rising In Popularity

There is nothing quite like basking in the sun on the beach on a warm day. So, if you’re preparing for a summer vacay, have a pool party coming up, or the weather is looking just right to visit the beach, it’s time to look for that fab swimsuit. And what beats a bikini?

Bikinis are timeless and come in all styles and colors, so you can never have too many. That said, one bikini style has been taking over with the girlies: the cheeky bikinis. These bikinis feature a lower waistline and show off more skin than the regular bikini.

So, why are they so trendy?

Accentuate Your Curves

One reason people just can’t get enough of cheeky bikinis is how they complement one’s curves. If you have a figure that you want to show off, a cheeky bikini will definitely do that for you. Overall, they look good on almost everyone and will definitely flatter your figure.

Make a Statement

Bikinis look good overall. However, a minimal-coverage bikini is sure to make a statement. The extra skin it shows off and the flattering design will surely turn some heads, whether you plan to wear it to a trendy pool party or a random relaxing day at the beach. You’ll definitely be looking stunning and feeling confident while at it.

Stay in Place Pretty Well

Do you hate having to adjust your bikini every few minutes? Believe it or not, cheeky bikinis stay in place much better than most other types of swimwear. And that’s because they are designed not to move around or, worse, ride up. However, be sure to choose a good fit. That is something that fits your body nicely.

Increase Airflow

The summer heat can get pretty intense, and if you don’t have the right swimwear, you can get sweaty and sticky fast. This is partly why cheeky bikinis are so popular. They provide more airflow, helping your body cool down much more quickly so that you stay comfortable and happy throughout.

Minimal Tan Lines & More Sun Exposure

Cheeky bikinis have less skin coverage, so you will have more sun exposure. So, if you’re looking for a bit of color, this bikini will give you a deeper, more extensive tan. Plus, the minimum fabric also means less of those annoying tan lines.

Playful and Flirty

Minimal coverage bikinis allow you to be flirty and playful, which is what the summer is about. And this has made them quite the trend. So, cheeky bottoms are definitely something you want to add to your swimwear collection if you’re looking for a bit of excitement.

Get Yourself a Cheeky Bikini to Slay While Staying Comfortable by the Beach or Pool

There are so many things to love about cheeky bikinis, which is why their popularity will only increase. There are a variety of designs to choose from for the look you’re going for. So, grab some minimal coverage bottoms to spice up your look the next time you’re by the water.